Monday, January 14, 2019

What is Raised Relief on a Globe? Do I need it? Ultimate Globes Explains

Tactile Raised Relief Globe
Tactile Raised Relief Globe
Once in a while a customer will report their globe has defects because it has bumps on the printed surface. This is actually not a defect but known as "Raised Relief". Raised Relief are small rises (like bumps) on the globes surface in specific areas, generally large mountains or mountain ranges, although not every mountain or mountain range will be shown to have this feature.

Today more globes are being produced without Raised Relief as the areas that typically have mountain ranges are now noted with various cartographic patterns. There are two companies Waypoint Geographic and Replogle who continue to make globes with Raised Relief. Since the feature is not pronounced it may be difficult to see when viewing an image on your screen, so browse the product description to see if it is noted, or contact one of our globe experts and they can assist.

We suggest that each customer look for a globe that meets their specific decorative or educational needs as it is generally more important for the globe style to fit the room or the intended educational purpose then it would be to have a small feature that doesn't contribute to the main purpose.

If Raised Relief is a feature you must have, checkout our selection of Raised Relief globes by Clicking Here.

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