Friday, April 6, 2018

Geography Education: Teaching the Next Generation with Interactive Technology

The study of geography is a great way to provide context for our stories as humans. Students who have a firm grasp of geography are better able to process key moments in our history, and have fewer misunderstandings when exposed to world literature. Most importantly, kids who are fluent in geography can answer the question, “Where am I in this world”.
Geo Safari Globe
Advances in technology have provided parents and educators with innovative methods of presenting geography to tech savvy youngsters. Kids of all ages are eager for opportunities to explore their world in hands-on ways. Interactive globes are a great medium for children to access a wide variety of information, providing fun and self-directed learning experiences. The Geo Safaris are interactive globes that both educates and entertains students of all ages. The GeoSafari globe features multiple games and trivia challenges, making it an excellent option for teachers to include during rotating group activities.
GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr

GeoSafari globes are a fun option for the home or classroom. The Talking GeoSafari globe provides a means for students to learn about continents and political boundaries. This globe features multiple quizzes that incorporate geographic as well as cultural content. The GeoSafari Puzzle Globe is perfect for little ones to learn about continents and oceans, and make a wonderful addition to any pre-school through second grade classroom.

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