Friday, March 2, 2018

The Safari Explorer Globes: Flora and Fauna across Planet Earth


The Planet Earth which we call home is inhabited by all kinds of fascinating flora and fauna. There are so many opportunities for exploration and development. The vast expense of our earthly home is filled with plants, animals and flowers that garner interest and attention. These life forms are crucial components of any ecosystem. Of all the life forms on this planet many are macroscopic but even more are microscopic. The bountiful sunshine and vast amounts of water make life on Earth possible, there are several planets in a solar system, however this one is the only place that can permanently sustain life. 
Safari Explorer Pink Animals Globe

The advent of new technologies has meant that there is a diminishing interest in nature and time spent outdoors.  Interaction with nature is something that now requires designated time. Untouched terrain is no longer a regular part of daily life. Vacations to distant and exotic locations, seasonal trips to beaches and parks are the means of connecting to the wild. Technological gadgets have invaded most facets of daily life. However time in nature is still a beneficial and meaningful part of the human experience. A trek through untamed trails, seeing fearless animals in their natural habitat these are some of the meaningful experiences that break up that monotony that can often comprises everyday living. 

Safari Explorer Blue Animals Globe
The term flora is a specific reference to plant life, the term fauna, refers to animal life. The use of the term flora in this context was originally implement by Jules Thurman. The term flora was implemented by the Swedish biologist and zoologist Carolus Linnaeus. There are many different ecosystems and biomes that may be observed throughout the world. The various different life forms that may be found are dependent upon the climate, region and weather. There are three different classifications of flora, there are native flora, weed flora and horticultural flora. Native flora is that which is indigenous to a particular region, horticultural flora.  Fauna are also divided into subcategories, mega fauna are macroscopic creatures, micro fauna are microscopic creature like protozoa. In fauna are animals that live in the bottom of a body of water, burying themselves in ocean sediment like plankton. Cryofauna are creatures that live in the polar regions of the world such as the tundra. 

Check out our globes and maps to learn more about different creatures around the world and their habitats. There are so many fascinating things to discover in this planet that we call home. At our website there are many beautiful and unique globes available for purchase. The Safari Explorer Blue Animals Globe and the Safari Explorer Pink Animals Globe are wonderful options for children to gain a better understanding of the world around them. Both of these illuminated children's globes feature physical landmasses and ocean stylings respectively in blue or pink. The internal LED enhances cartographic features and also provides the option to use the globe as a night light or back light.  A great choice for ages three years old or older.

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