Friday, March 30, 2018

Medical Geography: The World of Medicine

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Geography is the study of the vast world around us. Planet Earth is a our celestial home. Medicine is the study of the body and its various systems in illness and wellness. The combined discipline of both creates what is described as medical geography. This is study is aspect of medical research that combines both the study of global health and the spread of diseases as well as the impact of climate and location on wellness. In addition to the accessibility and availability of health care services. From the time of the ancient Greece, the philosopher and Father of Modern Medicine Hippocrates made observations regarding location, climate and the impact on health. This field of study rose to prominence during the 1800s, London was gripped with a deadly outbreak of cholera.

The English physician John Snow, observed a pattern in the distribution of deaths within the city. The majority of the death toll could be traced to a specific region of the city, the source of infected water was identified and municipal authorities removed access to this water source. This is one of the earliest, detailed accounts of medical geography. In recent times these techniques have been applied in various ways. The spatial distribution of disease is something that is evaluated in modern times to assess the quality of life in various cities and countries. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States serves to warn the populace about outbreaks of various pathogens and other illnesses as well as natural disasters. Geography and changes in weather have practical implications for daily life and maintaining public health. Each season has particular concerns spring rains may cause flooding in lower elevation. Carbon-monoxide poisoning may be of particular concern during the winter time, when lower temperatures require indoor heating. Summer time vacations and increases in tourism mean that vaccinations and awareness of unusual diseases and their countries of origin may be helpful.

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