Friday, March 9, 2018

International Women's Day: Joining Forces around the Globe for Equality
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Studying geography and other disciplines of the social studies is a great way to learn about the right and needs of women around the globe. The responsibility for raising children and bringing communities together most frequently is one that falls to women. In order to have significant global impact it is important that sisters across the globe unite to improve each others welfare. An understanding of geography, anthropology and social conditions can help each woman take her place as a global citizen and take an active interest in the wellbeing of those in her local community, country and the world at large. Studying a globe and becoming familiar with the different places on the maps can make women in neighbor countries feel more like fellow citizens of the plan rather than aliens from another planet.

Global consciousness is crucial for each women realizing her greatest potential. Get a globe for your little girl and talk to her about the culture and traditions of other women around the world. The Safari Pink Animals Explorer Globe is made specifically with girls in mind. The pink colors and internal LED make this one of a kind globe a great choice for little girls to learn about the world around them. 

International Women's Day is a global celebration and collaboration for women around the world. This is a time to evaluate the social, political and cultural achievements of women around the globe.The theme of this year's celebration was #PressforProgress, this was a call-to-action to encourage women to seek continued personal and professional development, within their communities and the world at large. Students in various educational setting participated in special debates, events or presentations that embraced the contributions of women to society. 

Discussions were also held about how to improve the living and working conditions of women around the world. Seminars, conference, luncheons, marches and messages were presented. International Women's Day is an annual opportunity to reflect on the progress made in terms of providing education and an improved quality of life to women around the world. Women are disproportionately impacted by poverty, illiteracy and domestic violence. This initiative to improve conditions for women began  March 19, 1911 and has featured different specific issues relevant to the times. The inaugural event focused on suffrage. In more recent times the focus of this day has addressing issues such as family planning, clean water, hygiene products and safety at home and in the workplace for women

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