Friday, January 12, 2018

Design, Travel and Geography in 2018

Many New Years resolutions are often based on improving oneself. It might be a push to go the gym more often, eat healthier or just a focus on improving physical health. However, many tend to overlook the importance of resolutions that improve your mental health and ones that might inspire you to really look at the world around you. The world is vast and wide, and there are incredible things out there just waiting to be discovered. Why not keep a resolution that reflects that, and pushes you to explore more and see the world? Bringing aesthetic elements such as architecture, travel, and design in your life have a way of changing your worldview, broadening your horizons and really showing you how much beauty there is in the world.

Architecture Digest

1) Cultivate beauty

Cultivating beauty can mean different things to different people. It might mean building a home around you that reflects the beauty of this world or even seeking out beautiful things in the world. For example, there is incredible architecture to be seen all over the world - how do you bring those elements to your own aesthetic and home? When you find something that speaks to you, that really overwhelms you with its majesty, how do you bring that feeling into your own life?

2) Explore more

Cape Verde Islands
In keeping with the theme of cultivation of beauty, the best way to do that is to explore. See as much as you can, because the world is vast and unlimited in what it has to offer you. Travel is one of those unique experiences that can take you farther from home, but also bring you closer to the things you love. Use these feelings to inspire your life throughout the year, and find ways to incorporate those feelings when you are at home. But at the end of the day, travel more this year - do not limit yourself geographically, 

3) Incorporate more globes and maps to living spaces

One of the best ways to really incorporate these aesthetics of design, travel, and architecture in a tangible way is to add more globes and maps to your living spaces. These can serve as a reminder to you of the resolutions you have made for yourself this year, and help you execute them as well. If you are not sure where your next travel destination should be, why not look at the map and pick from there? Or add more globes to your living spaces so that you always remember how much is left for you to explore.These resolutions are meant to serve as a guide because there is so much nuance within each one that you will always be motivated to keep them throughout the year. Bringing these elements of travel, architecture, and design will show you just how beautiful the world really is, and will make these resolutions far more special. A travel gift is a perfect pairing to these resolutions for the New Year, and the right gift can be an inspiration to continue these resolutions for the year. 

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