Saturday, November 3, 2018

Why Globes Make The Perfect Gift For Children

Intelliglobe II Talking Globe
Intelliglobe II
One of the best gifts for children is the interactive globe. They are miniature replicas of the earth showing the different continents, countries, seas and other geographical features. Globes present a two-dimension visual representation of the earth.

On holidays children can spend hours learning about their world. With the use of globes for kids, it is easier to understand the structure of the earth regarding the theoretical descriptions they have already been given in the classroom.

Kid’s globes are perfect for reference purposes. For example, it is easier to describe how much of the earth is covered with water with the use of children’s globes. Just like maps, the globes are educative but more interactive, especially for the young learners.

Globes are fun to study; fortunately, there are many types of children’s globes that have been enhanced with special features to make the educational experience even more interesting.

Here are some reasons you should consider buying a kid's globes as a gift;

They inspire a lifetime of exploration and fun

Globes reveal the existence of different worlds to children at a young age. They realise there are many other places where people live outside their communities. This can stimulate an inner interest in visiting and exploring the world and the cultures in other places when they grow older.

Pioneer Globe
Pioneer Globe
A fun way to introduce geography

The use of globes helps children understand the basic concept of geography as a subject taught in their school. They can get a better perspective of how some parts of the world are cold (the Antarctic region), and other areas have more hills or deserts.

Visual accuracy

Globes for children are made with raised reliefs to help them understand the actual nature of their world. Children can view points of interests, country boundaries, and the oceans.

Kid’s globes are perfect for children of all ages

It is a great idea to introduce children to the earth and its amazing features at a young age. Studying the globe will surely inspire many questions but no worries; you will have the answers which are right there on the globe.
Scout Globe
Scout Globe

These benefits and so much more can be enjoyed by children because of the super features used in the creation of globes for children. For example, on our website, you can find globes for kids such as the Pioneer Globe measures 12 inches in diameter. It is made from blue craft board and has a full swing meridian. The globe shows land features such as the United States land boundaries and over four thousand named places.

We also have the intelliglobe II deluxe which has amazing features such as a wireless intellipen(with batteries), trivia and multiple choice challenge questions, games, and fascinating compare, touch and explore features. The Scout kids globe is awesome. Its educational features include political maps, country boundaries, blue oceans, and updated points of interest. The scout kids globe also features a full swing meridian.

You kids will surely be fascinated with any of these globes. Head over to our website to view our collection of children’s globes which are an accurate replica of the earth.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Explore the Geo Safari Globe featuring Bindi Irwin!

Geo Safari Interactive Globe featuring Bindi Irwin

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe II Featuring Bindi Irwin 

Discover the fascinating world of geography, animals, oceans and all kinds of plants. There are over 1000 fascinating facts about various continents, countries, oceans and landmarks. Your guide for this awesome adventure is world renowned Wildlife Warrior Bindi Irwin and your map is the Geo Safari Jr. Talking Globe II narration provided by Irwin.

Bindi Sue Irwin is the only daughter of the late Steve and Terri Irwin who are wildlife conservationists and the owners of the Australia Zoo. Bindi has been a wildlife enthusiast and conservationist for many years. She is a well known television personality in Australia and the United States. Listen as her voice provides narration for a variety of fun activities.

Bindi Sue Irwin
Bindi Sue Irwin

As seen below Bindi is passionate about nature and opportunities to share her knowledge and experience. Take an awesome adventure with Bindi and click on different regions of the world to learn about animals and far away places. A smart stylus allows you to touch different spots on the globe and discover new facts and places. There are three different modes of interaction to enhance the experience. 

Explore It, Find It, and Measure It. The unique dual-swivel design makes for easy navigation and a built in speaker makes for easy listening. Enjoy having the world at your fingertips. Reinforce social studies lessons acquired in the classroom and find practical life applications for information found in the news. Reports of local or global happenings are so much more interesting when you find the places of the map.
Using the Pen to Explore the Globe

Plan a road trip to another state and have your little adventurer calculate the distance and learn about travel times, gas etc and travel preparations.

Geography and social studies are an integral part of understanding the world. There is so much information to learn and so many fascinating places to explore. A beautiful, detailed globe like the Geo Safari Talking Globe II featuring Bindi Irwin  can be a catalyst for adventures. Traveling to far away place may not be a reality right now, but exposure to the wide world can begin at home.

Visit and check out more of our children's globes, with over 50 options to chose from you are sure to find a globe that is just right for your little adventurer.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Have no Fear, Buy the Intelliglobe and be Prepared

The summer has been filled with fun, but now its time that school has begun. Summer days were filled with play, school is full of lessons and rules to obey. As your little scholars head back to the classroom, make sure that they are equipped to ace their social studies classes.

Purchase the Intelliglobe for them to start learning the capital cities and landmarks of different countries. There is so much to learn about geography, give your little ones a headstart. The Intelliglobe acts like a virtual tour guide, providing an interactive learning experience. Young adventurers can memorize the continents, capital cities and other landmarks by using the quiz rounds to test their knowledge. A brightly colored, talking globe is sure to keep their interests for several hours, this a great option for help with social studies homework and becoming aware of the world around them.
The Intelliglobe II features the very latest in technology and innovation. A wireless pen, the Intellipen is included to "read" microscopic symbols on the globe and World Discovery Book. This wireless device is used with the Intelliglobe to play game and discovering fascinating facts about the world.

Some of the categories included are Geography, Continents, Cities, Countries & Territories, States, Provinces, Population, Music, Language Spoken, History, Life Expectancy, Economics, Currency, Main Industry , Ecology, Climate, Current Time, Tourism, Animals, Food, Geology/Natural Resources.

Everyone should be knowledgeable about the capital city of their state and the names of countries that border the United States of America.

Where is Washington DC, what is its significance? Where are cities like Dallas, Chicago, New York, Miami, Orlando? Understanding geography and being able to identify different places helps a child understand the world around them and make sense of current events. Geography helps to develop critical thinking skills and is relevant to every aspect of our lives. Check out our website to learn more about globes and geography.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Special Daddies and Special Globes
Waypoint Geographic Como Desktop Globe
Father’s Day is an annual celebration where we remember and acknowledge the contributions of fatherhood to our society. The first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Washington State, this national day of remembrance was officially recognized as a National Holiday in 1972.Father's Day is just a few days away.

Just a few more hours to procure the perfect present for your paternal figure. Typical gift options include a bottle of fine spirits, a sophisticated neck tie or a classic pair of leather shoes.  Why not give dad a present that he can enjoy for years to come. Perhaps he will appreciate a beautiful and classic globe. The Como Desktop Globe from Waypoint Geographic is an an excellent gift for Daddy. The vibrant, autumnal colors are sure to pique his interest.
The Como Desktop Globe is a beautiful 12-inch illuminated sphere featuring detailed geopolitical boundaries. This globe is an excellent functional decor piece that can find a new home in a variety of interior settings. There are 1000s of landmarks and topographical descriptions. The internal LED enhances the cartographic features when used by night.

The power source for this LED is an electrical cord which is located between the meridian and the South Pole.  Unusual details include old trade routes. The bronze-finished numbered semi-meridian can be used to locate various coordinates. The degrees of longitude and latitude are clearly inscribed on indicating how many degrees north or south of the Equator a particular location is.

This Father's Day let Daddy know how much you appreciate him with a handsome desktop globe like the Como Desktop Globe . For globes, maps, atlases and other geography related products is definitely the place to shop.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Memorial Day: A Globe of Remembrance

Freedom Globe by Replogle Globes
Memorial Day is a time of the year when we pause to consider the brave men and women who have given their lives for freedom. Americans around the world pause and honor the sacrifices made by generations of men and women who have given provided the ultimate sacrifice for the noble cause  of freedom. This somber occasion is a hopeful one that serves as an opportunity to enliven a sense of patriotism and commitment to national welfare.  The legacy of freedom and equality must endure forever. We must celebrate and honor the memory of those who have gone before us.

In 1971 Memorial Day become a national recognized holiday by an act of Congress. Fast forward a few years and the last Monday in May is now recognized as Memorial Day. In the earlier days of rural America it was common for various ceremonies to be held honoring the memory of men and women who fought for freedom and equality. It was also a custom to visit the graves of those casualties of armed conflict and clean the cemeteries and decorate the graves in the late Summer. Family picnics and reunions would be held during this time to commemorate those departed. Many various landmarks within the United States have been erected to honor the lives of our men and women in uniform. Celebrate patriotism and other American value with this beautiful one of a kind globe that stands for freedom.

The  Freedom 12-inch Antique Ocean Raised Relief Desktop World Globe by Replogle. features a majestic eagle taking flight. This globe is sure to delight wildlife admirers and patriots. The magnificently detailed resin eagle stand features a bronze finish and gold accents. This is a beautiful one of a kind piece. The base of the globe invokes a sense of awe and dignity, lending sophistication to any space that it graces. This makes a beautiful centerpiece for any home, office, library or study. The eagle rests on a cherry finished wooden base and a numbered, die cast full meridian allow for easy navigation. Longitude and latitude are clearly displayed, the continents, countries, capitals, various cities and a few ocean routes are depicted. The reference value of this tool is comparable to its beauty. Political boundaries and raised relief enhance the educational experience.

For this and other beautiful and unique globes, checkout our website at 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Endangered Species Day 2018: Learn about Animals with the Safari Pink Ocean and Animals Globe

On May 18, 2018 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has designated the Endangered Species Day in order to recognize the national conservation efforts to protect our nation's endangered species and their habitats. Along with globalization and technological progression comes the destruction of animal habitats. The destruction of animal habitats has led to significant changes in various ecosystems. The world around us is changing in significant ways. The flora and fauna around us are gradually disappearing due to destruction of their natural habitat and food sources.

 Changes in the ecosystem impact all of us regardless of how minute they may seem in daily life. The world is interrelated. Since the creation of the Endangered Species Act in 1973, the National Wildlife Federation has initiated conservation efforts to ensure the conservation and restoration of native flora and fauna. The third Friday in May is recognized as Endangered Species Day in an attempt to raise awareness regarding the necessity of conservation efforts to ensure that various species do not disappear.
Safari Pink Ocean and Animals Globe 

The world that we enjoy and consider our Planet Home would not be the same without the presence of animals and other life forms. The ecological balance is a delicate one, deforestation and the pollution of water sources are significant problems impacting our World. Teach your little ones about the animals and the places that they call home with this beautiful  pink globe. 

The Safari Pink Ocean and Animals Globe is fun and easy way to help your little girl learn about the world around her. This beautiful pink globe is sure to delight any young lady. The oceans, landmasses, stand and sphere are all pink. Grading in the shading indicates the distinction between the various features. An internal LED makes the cartographic features more pronounced . By night this one of a kind globe can serve as a nightlight and by da. A sturdy acrylic base and a numbered, semi-meridian indicating longitude and latitude provide reference value to this fun tool.           

For this and other beautiful and unique globes, check out our website at 

Friday, May 4, 2018

World's Greatest Mom Globe: A Pretty, Pink Globe just for Mother
  Worlds Greatest Mom Globe
Countdown until Mother’s Day. The first week of May and time to consider what is the perfect gift for your Mom. The challenge of finding a Mother's Day gift is locating a present that is practical, purposeful and pleasurable. It is important to find something that Mother will use regularly but its a gift for a special occasion so that last thing you want is something that is strictly utilitarian. Don't overthink the process, with Ultimate Globes look no further! This sophisticated and unique globe is sure to bring a smile to Mom's face. The raised relief features pink countries and continents suspended in white velvety oceans. The combined size of the sphere and stand is 17"H x 12.5"W x 12"D. What Mother needs on her special day is a globe and not just any globe. This beautiful, limited-edition pink globe special designed in honor of Mother's Day. Ultimate Globes is the perfect place to come for all of your geography needs. A smorgasbord of maps, globes, atlases and other products at just the click of a mouse. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Earth Day: Education, Learn, Grow, Protect the Earth
Another Earth Day is yet upon us and evaluating the state of affairs within our celestial home can feel somewhat dismal. Global warming is a verifiable reality. Temperatures have risen and Arctic ice floes are melting. Coral reefs and marine life are being affected by pollution. The widespread impact of globalization and westernization is not a positive one. Thanks to pollution and others forms of interference with Mother Nature’s rhythms flood patterns have changed, dams and other methods of redirecting the flow of water have altered the face of the landscape and terrain of Planet Earth. This has flattened mountains, piled hills, reclaimed land from the oceans and even acted as a catalyst for seismic activity. Despite the obstacles of living in a dynamic and ever changing world, there are reasons for optimism. The Montreal Protocol has improved stability in the protective ozone layer. Within the United States and the countries of the European Union, more stringent regulations regarding manufacturing practices and the disposal of waste has led to improvements in air quality.

April 22, 2018 commemorates the 48th Anniversary of Earth Day, a global cooperative effort to demonstrate a consistent commitment to environmental preservations and conversation. Legislation and various agreements pertaining to climate changes and global warning have been passed in an attempt to improve conditions on Planet Earth and reduce the impact of pollution and other harmful influences. National concerns regarding the quality of air and water have turned the Environment Protection Agency into a household name. 

Some of the environmental challenges we face are daunting and can seem intractable, but there are some good reasons to feel reassured by the tools and expertise that the scientific community brings to the table. Within the United States America the amount of death due to natural disasters have plummeted drastically and that is largely due to better understanding and to appropriate hazards warning systems that Earth scientists have developed.

Computers and instruments that used to take up whole rooms now fit snugly onto autonomous aircraft, satellites, and robots. At this moment, 1,459 satellites orbit Earth—including 19 that are part of the NASA fleet keeping a watchful eye on this dynamic, fragile planet. The authors of the EOS article note that a unified, global, high-resolution 3-D map of the human fingerprint on Earth is within reach due to the remarkable lidar instruments, aerial photogrammetry, and satellite observations that are now available.

Lugano Desktop Globe

Take the time to learn about the wonderful world that surrounds us. Purchasing a globe and spending some time with a child to teach them about the environment can help them understand why protecting the Earth is important. Seeing stories about problems with air quality or pollution may seem far from home but when they look at a globe like the Lugano up close it helps them see the world in a different way. There are so many educational opportunities just from having a globe in your home. Celebrate Earth Day together, clean up a yard, plan ways to reduce waste and use of hazardous products in your own home.

For this and other globes check out our website

Friday, April 6, 2018

Geography Education: Teaching the Next Generation with Interactive Technology

The study of geography is a great way to provide context for our stories as humans. Students who have a firm grasp of geography are better able to process key moments in our history, and have fewer misunderstandings when exposed to world literature. Most importantly, kids who are fluent in geography can answer the question, “Where am I in this world”.
Geo Safari Globe
Advances in technology have provided parents and educators with innovative methods of presenting geography to tech savvy youngsters. Kids of all ages are eager for opportunities to explore their world in hands-on ways. Interactive globes are a great medium for children to access a wide variety of information, providing fun and self-directed learning experiences. The Geo Safaris are interactive globes that both educates and entertains students of all ages. The GeoSafari globe features multiple games and trivia challenges, making it an excellent option for teachers to include during rotating group activities.
GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr

GeoSafari globes are a fun option for the home or classroom. The Talking GeoSafari globe provides a means for students to learn about continents and political boundaries. This globe features multiple quizzes that incorporate geographic as well as cultural content. The GeoSafari Puzzle Globe is perfect for little ones to learn about continents and oceans, and make a wonderful addition to any pre-school through second grade classroom.

Ultimate Globes offers a wide selection of globes for children that will enhance learning in any home or classroom contact us at

Friday, March 30, 2018

Medical Geography: The World of Medicine

Earth by Day and Night Globe
Geography is the study of the vast world around us. Planet Earth is a our celestial home. Medicine is the study of the body and its various systems in illness and wellness. The combined discipline of both creates what is described as medical geography. This is study is aspect of medical research that combines both the study of global health and the spread of diseases as well as the impact of climate and location on wellness. In addition to the accessibility and availability of health care services. From the time of the ancient Greece, the philosopher and Father of Modern Medicine Hippocrates made observations regarding location, climate and the impact on health. This field of study rose to prominence during the 1800s, London was gripped with a deadly outbreak of cholera.

The English physician John Snow, observed a pattern in the distribution of deaths within the city. The majority of the death toll could be traced to a specific region of the city, the source of infected water was identified and municipal authorities removed access to this water source. This is one of the earliest, detailed accounts of medical geography. In recent times these techniques have been applied in various ways. The spatial distribution of disease is something that is evaluated in modern times to assess the quality of life in various cities and countries. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States serves to warn the populace about outbreaks of various pathogens and other illnesses as well as natural disasters. Geography and changes in weather have practical implications for daily life and maintaining public health. Each season has particular concerns spring rains may cause flooding in lower elevation. Carbon-monoxide poisoning may be of particular concern during the winter time, when lower temperatures require indoor heating. Summer time vacations and increases in tourism mean that vaccinations and awareness of unusual diseases and their countries of origin may be helpful.

Friday, March 16, 2018

National Pi Day: Pi and Geography
San Marino Blue Oceans Floor Standing Globe
Every year on March 14 we celebrate the Pi Day, pi, not pie. Google commemorates the 30th anniversary of this mathematically inspired holiday with a unique Doodle. Pi, is denoted by the Greek letter “π”. One of the oldest and the most recognizable mathematical constant in the world, Pi (π) is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter. Its value is approximately equal to 3.14159265. It is an irrational number, which means it cannot be expressed as a ratio of whole numbers, and its decimal representation never ends or repeats.
San Marino Antique Oceans Floor Standing Globe
Pi, 3.14 is a part of daily life, not just once a year on the fourteenth of March. Obviously pi is of greater relevance to architects, craftsmen, mathematicians. Understanding pi is part of how globes are constructed especially large floor globes like this one. There are so many options for learning about geography and mathematics with globes. The San Marino is a beautiful, classic globe that would be a welcome addition to any home, office, or study. A deep, brown wooden stand contains a 20-inch illuminated sphere. There are over 1000 geopolitical descriptions and boundaries.  A few less common cartographic features such as old ship routes are included, this is visible when the internal LED is turned on. The multi-directional full meridian is constructed from metal and is connected to a wooden ring at the top which allows for complete navigation of the globe. The cord is located between the globe and meridian at the south pole an inline switch is included. Overall assembled size is 38.6"h x 28.3"w x 28.3"d and ships in 2 boxes. Some assembly required.                                  
And understanding of pi, was integrated into the human record by various civilizations around 2550 BC. The Great Pyramid at Giza, was built during this time frame, this structure had a perimeter of 1760 cubits and a height of 280 cubits. The ratio of this grand edifice is just about 2 times pi. The earliest written references to pi date back to 1900 BC. The Babylonians and Egyptian estimated the value of pi to be 3.125. Mathematicians adopted the symbol π for the expression in the 18th century: Welsh mathematics teacher William Jones is often credited with the first use of the symbol in 1706.  A common, fun ritual is to memorize multiple digits of this mathematical concept. 

A general awareness of pi has been a component of human knowledge for several millennia. The renowned physicist Larry Shaw initiated this celebration on March 14, 1988. Pi Day received official recognition from Congress in 2009. This holiday has been a catalyst for all sorts of unusual and quirky events. The late Albert Einstein was born on March 14, some individuals chose to dress up in an outfit imitating him. The San Francisco Exploratorium offers various mathematically inspired events. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology releases its undergraduate admissions decisions on Pi Day. This year NASA provided mathematical geniuses with the opportunity to compete in a "Pi in the Sky" challenge complete a set of interplanetary equations.  

Friday, March 9, 2018

International Women's Day: Joining Forces around the Globe for Equality
Safari Pink Animals Explorer Globe
Studying geography and other disciplines of the social studies is a great way to learn about the right and needs of women around the globe. The responsibility for raising children and bringing communities together most frequently is one that falls to women. In order to have significant global impact it is important that sisters across the globe unite to improve each others welfare. An understanding of geography, anthropology and social conditions can help each woman take her place as a global citizen and take an active interest in the wellbeing of those in her local community, country and the world at large. Studying a globe and becoming familiar with the different places on the maps can make women in neighbor countries feel more like fellow citizens of the plan rather than aliens from another planet.

Global consciousness is crucial for each women realizing her greatest potential. Get a globe for your little girl and talk to her about the culture and traditions of other women around the world. The Safari Pink Animals Explorer Globe is made specifically with girls in mind. The pink colors and internal LED make this one of a kind globe a great choice for little girls to learn about the world around them. 

International Women's Day is a global celebration and collaboration for women around the world. This is a time to evaluate the social, political and cultural achievements of women around the globe.The theme of this year's celebration was #PressforProgress, this was a call-to-action to encourage women to seek continued personal and professional development, within their communities and the world at large. Students in various educational setting participated in special debates, events or presentations that embraced the contributions of women to society. 

Discussions were also held about how to improve the living and working conditions of women around the world. Seminars, conference, luncheons, marches and messages were presented. International Women's Day is an annual opportunity to reflect on the progress made in terms of providing education and an improved quality of life to women around the world. Women are disproportionately impacted by poverty, illiteracy and domestic violence. This initiative to improve conditions for women began  March 19, 1911 and has featured different specific issues relevant to the times. The inaugural event focused on suffrage. In more recent times the focus of this day has addressing issues such as family planning, clean water, hygiene products and safety at home and in the workplace for women

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Safari Explorer Globes: Flora and Fauna across Planet Earth


The Planet Earth which we call home is inhabited by all kinds of fascinating flora and fauna. There are so many opportunities for exploration and development. The vast expense of our earthly home is filled with plants, animals and flowers that garner interest and attention. These life forms are crucial components of any ecosystem. Of all the life forms on this planet many are macroscopic but even more are microscopic. The bountiful sunshine and vast amounts of water make life on Earth possible, there are several planets in a solar system, however this one is the only place that can permanently sustain life. 
Safari Explorer Pink Animals Globe

The advent of new technologies has meant that there is a diminishing interest in nature and time spent outdoors.  Interaction with nature is something that now requires designated time. Untouched terrain is no longer a regular part of daily life. Vacations to distant and exotic locations, seasonal trips to beaches and parks are the means of connecting to the wild. Technological gadgets have invaded most facets of daily life. However time in nature is still a beneficial and meaningful part of the human experience. A trek through untamed trails, seeing fearless animals in their natural habitat these are some of the meaningful experiences that break up that monotony that can often comprises everyday living. 

Safari Explorer Blue Animals Globe
The term flora is a specific reference to plant life, the term fauna, refers to animal life. The use of the term flora in this context was originally implement by Jules Thurman. The term flora was implemented by the Swedish biologist and zoologist Carolus Linnaeus. There are many different ecosystems and biomes that may be observed throughout the world. The various different life forms that may be found are dependent upon the climate, region and weather. There are three different classifications of flora, there are native flora, weed flora and horticultural flora. Native flora is that which is indigenous to a particular region, horticultural flora.  Fauna are also divided into subcategories, mega fauna are macroscopic creatures, micro fauna are microscopic creature like protozoa. In fauna are animals that live in the bottom of a body of water, burying themselves in ocean sediment like plankton. Cryofauna are creatures that live in the polar regions of the world such as the tundra. 

Check out our globes and maps to learn more about different creatures around the world and their habitats. There are so many fascinating things to discover in this planet that we call home. At our website there are many beautiful and unique globes available for purchase. The Safari Explorer Blue Animals Globe and the Safari Explorer Pink Animals Globe are wonderful options for children to gain a better understanding of the world around them. Both of these illuminated children's globes feature physical landmasses and ocean stylings respectively in blue or pink. The internal LED enhances cartographic features and also provides the option to use the globe as a night light or back light.  A great choice for ages three years old or older.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Chinese New Year: Learn about the World with the Como Desktop Globe

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is a fascinating holiday, between January 21 and February 20, people of Chinese descent gather to celebrate the beginning of a new year. Dragon parades and red lanterns are some of the tradition decorations seen at this time of the year. The exact date at which the Chinese New Year is celebrated changes from year to year,because it is based on the lunar calendar and not on the solar calendar unlike most methods of timekeeping. Various celebrations are held throughout the continent of Asia and not just in China.

Chinese New Year's Decorations
This Lunar New Year is a time to invoke positive spirits and omens for a prosperous year ahead. Also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival the New Year is the largest and most significant holiday in China. From February 16- February 18, the Year of the Rooster will give way to the Year of the Dog. These are  two of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. Those born in the Year of the Dog are often described as loyal, yet stubborn and selfless yet critical. Rituals involving food and fireworks are performed to invoke prosperity and good fortune for the coming year.

Chinese New Year's Market
In Chinese culture, red is a color associated with happiness and celebration, on the months leading up to the Chinese New Year, the color red is everywhere in decorations. Malls, office buildings, and shopping centers are decorated in with lanterns in this vibrant hue. Red lanterns are hung from ceilings to invoke positive energy.
According to legend, the animals were chosen by the Jade Emperor, who ordered all the animals to come to him and selected the first 12 to arrive as the ones for the Chinese zodiac.

Como Desktop Globe

There are so many different fascinating traditions and customs around the world celebrating the beginning of a New Year. Learn more about different celebrations around the world by purchasing a globe or map of your own. Pick a place or particular celebration to learn more about. The Como Desktop Globe is a great option to learn about new places, the bright colors and descriptions make it easy to use as a reference tool. An internal LED provides the option to use it as a back drop or night light. 

Check out our website for this and other fascinating resources to learn more about the wonderful world around us.

Friday, January 26, 2018

A Deeper Look at Geography , Natural Resources and Politics

The intersection of geography and politics

 Geography is a crucial element of many political decision and policies. The location of natural resources, territories and boundaries in addition to access to bodies of water impacts decision making on a large scale. The designation of capital cities and voting districts are geographical features that have a significant impact on politics. The terms country and nation are often used interchangeably, however not all nations are countries and not all countries are nations. A country is a political entity which is equivalent to a state.  A nation refers to a collective group of people bound together by a common culture and shared geography. Some nations have a state, and other nations do not, some states have multiple nations. The majority of countries are divided into states, provinces or territories of some kind. There are however some larger countries that don't have clearly defined territories.

Countries and the Distribution of Natural Resources

Another significant factor in how geopolitical boundaries are determined is the distribution of natural resources. Natural resources are material located in the environment that are used to provide food, fuel, shelter and clothing to maintain a livelihood. Some of these include, water, oil, vegetation, wildlife, air and sunlight. Resources are necessary to maintain the life cycle on Planet Earth. Various regions of the globe tend to have certain resources. Low latitudes (latitudes close to the equator) receive more of the sun's energy and much precipitation, while higher latitudes (latitudes closer to the poles) receive less of the sun's energy and too little precipitation. 

The temperate deciduous forest biome provides a more moderate climate, along with fertile soil, timber, and abundant wildlife. The plains offer flat landscapes and fertile soil for growing crops, while steep mountains and dry deserts are more challenging. Metallic minerals are most abundant in areas with strong tectonic activity, while fossil fuels are found in rocks formed by deposition (sedimentary rocks). These are just a few of the differences in the environment that result from different natural conditions. As a result, resources are distributed unevenly across the globe. The distribution of natural resources makes a difference in terms of lifestyle and the day to day experience and life perspectives of people living in a country. The lifestyle and experiences of someone in Dubai are going to be quite different from a person living in the heart of Siberia. Climate, solar exposure, and vegetation are a few of the things that impact everyday life.

Learn more about geography and the world around you by purchasing a globe
Check out our website for more information about geography and getting your own globes.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Geography, Climate Patterns and Weather

The 16-inch Frank Lloyd Wright World Globe by Replogle
Climate is the observable weather patterns experienced a particular location over time. Weather changes from day to day but climate denotes and established pattern. There are several factors that impact weather conditions and climate. The angle of the sun’s rays is one thing that impacts climate significantly. In the tropics, specifically between 23.5° N and 23.5° S at least once a year the noon day sun is directly overhead and the solar rays hit at a direct angle. This is the reason why there is very little change in the temperature throughout the seasons in a tropical climate zone.

In the Arctic and Antarctic (north or south of 66.5° latitude), during the year there are times when the sun is above the horizon for 24 hours a day, this phenomenon is called the "Midnight Sun" There are times in the winter when the sun never sets and times when it never rises. During the summer the sun is low and so the temperature is lower than that of the tropics. The seasonal changes are more drastic than the equatorial zones. The zones closest to the Equator experience temperate weather. Countries like the United States, most of Europe and China have the usual four seasonal changes.

Climate is also impacted by wind, ocean, mountains and other topographical features. Winds carry moisture over the land. North and South of the Equator, trade winds blow northeast and south east respectively, the convergence of these winds in the tropics forces air to rise and produces weather disturbances. Approximately 30° from the Equator,  there is little wind and therefore very little moisture blows this far inland from the ocean. At this latitude you will find many of the world's largest deserts, portions of Mexico, the Sahara, the Kalahari and other arid regions lie among similar coordinates.

US Map of Köppen's list


Oceans moderate the temperature of coastal areas and provide moisture for rainstorms regardless of latitude. Mountainous regions because of the sheer distance tend to be dry regions. Southern Canada, Russia and large regions of Central Asia. Two more climates were defined by Köppen's list polar regions and high elevations. Examples of polar regions are the Antarctic and Arctic. The frigid temperature of Antarctica means that there are no permanent inhabitants. Arctic regions are characterized by cold winds and winter temperatures can plunge into the negatives.  The seemingly barren landscape is home to diverse varieties of flora.

Weather patterns are a fascinating thing to observe. The changes in temperature and precipitation are aspects of life that impact everyone of us.  Get a globe or map and learn more about the weather patterns and coordinates in which we experience our daily life.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Design, Travel and Geography in 2018

Many New Years resolutions are often based on improving oneself. It might be a push to go the gym more often, eat healthier or just a focus on improving physical health. However, many tend to overlook the importance of resolutions that improve your mental health and ones that might inspire you to really look at the world around you. The world is vast and wide, and there are incredible things out there just waiting to be discovered. Why not keep a resolution that reflects that, and pushes you to explore more and see the world? Bringing aesthetic elements such as architecture, travel, and design in your life have a way of changing your worldview, broadening your horizons and really showing you how much beauty there is in the world.

Architecture Digest

1) Cultivate beauty

Cultivating beauty can mean different things to different people. It might mean building a home around you that reflects the beauty of this world or even seeking out beautiful things in the world. For example, there is incredible architecture to be seen all over the world - how do you bring those elements to your own aesthetic and home? When you find something that speaks to you, that really overwhelms you with its majesty, how do you bring that feeling into your own life?

2) Explore more

Cape Verde Islands
In keeping with the theme of cultivation of beauty, the best way to do that is to explore. See as much as you can, because the world is vast and unlimited in what it has to offer you. Travel is one of those unique experiences that can take you farther from home, but also bring you closer to the things you love. Use these feelings to inspire your life throughout the year, and find ways to incorporate those feelings when you are at home. But at the end of the day, travel more this year - do not limit yourself geographically, 

3) Incorporate more globes and maps to living spaces

One of the best ways to really incorporate these aesthetics of design, travel, and architecture in a tangible way is to add more globes and maps to your living spaces. These can serve as a reminder to you of the resolutions you have made for yourself this year, and help you execute them as well. If you are not sure where your next travel destination should be, why not look at the map and pick from there? Or add more globes to your living spaces so that you always remember how much is left for you to explore.These resolutions are meant to serve as a guide because there is so much nuance within each one that you will always be motivated to keep them throughout the year. Bringing these elements of travel, architecture, and design will show you just how beautiful the world really is, and will make these resolutions far more special. A travel gift is a perfect pairing to these resolutions for the New Year, and the right gift can be an inspiration to continue these resolutions for the year. 

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