Friday, December 1, 2017

The Geo Safari Talking Globe a Great Holiday Gift for Kids

Memories that Last a Life Time

There are so many fond childhood memories associated with the holidays. Learning about geography and social studies can be one of them. Do you remember as a child closing your eyes and spinning a globe? Perhaps after you spun the globe you pointed out a future travel destination. Can you still remember the anticipation and eagerness you felt as your hand landed on some exotic location. This simple act serves to fuel your imagination and it can do the same for a child today. Technology has changed and there are many educational toys and applications available for kids to play, but its just not the same. A globe is an educational toy that can last a lifetime. The Geo Safari Talking Globe is unique because it teaches children about different places. Trivia, games, quizzes and various different player modes allows a child to learn about cultures and places around the world while having fun. The Geo Safari Talking Globe offers children an experience that cannot be gotten from an app or a computer

                          Geo Safari Talking Globe

Educational Toys and Imagination

It fires the imagination. It inspires people to learn about our world. The information provides by this globe is relevant for a variety of ages and covers information over 10,000 questions. With various levels from beginner to advanced there is sure to be information and activities that will capture the attention of every young scholar. The sphere is 12- inches in diameter and accommodates 4 players at a time. The high quality digital sound and international music are sure to captivate. Questions feature information regarding the United States of America, Canada and the entire World. The electronic components are powered by 4 C batteries or an AC adapter, not included. A headphone jack is included, the volume is adjustable and buttons control the help and repeat buttons as well as automatic scoring. For additional information regarding the Geo Safari Talking Globe or any of our other educational toys for children please feel free to  contact us at

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