Thursday, December 21, 2017

Last Minute Gifts for the Traveler on your Holiday List

People who have a passion for travel could represent some of the easiest gift recipients on your list. Though usually picky about their belongings and treasures, travel enthusiasts have particular needs. Tapping into the needs of the travel lover will result in a happy friend or family member. 

Comfortable travels:
For many travelers, the journey itself is a big part of the adventure and fun. Whether traveling by car, train, plane, or ship, many travelers want their trip to be comfortable and enjoyable. The gift suggestions below are a few examples of ideal presents for the perfect excursion.
•    Books provide hours of entertainment on planes, trains, or passengers in a car. Today we have both audio and eBook versions, but there are still plenty of paperbacks for the traditionalist reader.
•    Music gift cards from iTunes and other markets also provide hours of enjoyment and relaxation.
•    Pillows and neck rolls for travel add that much-needed touch of comfort, especially for long trips.
•     Travel clothing erases the need for ironing and comes in cool, breathable fabrics. Specially designed travel vests hold everything from passports to your tablet.
•    Luggage designs and functionality keeps improving and what traveler doesn't love new luggage!

Travel certificates:
Many avid globetrotters start planning their next trip as soon as they arrive home from the last one. Gift certificates are a great way to help them mark another notch off their bucket list. Many options are sure to bring a smile to your favorite traveler.
•    Airlines provide gift certificates usable for tickets or upgrades. You can also gift miles of your own.
•    Cruise lines also offer gift certificates. If your recipient already has a cruise booked, most companies have options to purchase gifts to make that experience even more special.
•    Trains provide a tremendous and scenic way to travel. In addition to Amtrak, there are smaller companies across the globe which provide scenic train tours.
•    Uber is available almost everywhere. And, an Uber gift offers a convenient way to get from airports and train stations to hotels.
Ultimate Globes- Gift Certificate

Tech gifts:
Most explorer types embrace the fact that technology makes travel easier and more enjoyable. Remember these options for your techie loving traveler.
•    Cell phones and top up cards provide an option to stay in touch with friends and family.
•    Electronic readers such as Kindles or iPods for music give an easy to tote choice for readers and music lovers.
•    Debit cards offer prepaid options good for restaurants or souvenirs.

With so many options to choose from, you'll find easy to shop for the travelers on your holiday list. For more travel gift ideas contact us.

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