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Holiday Shopping Guide for the Top 5 Children's Globes in 2017

Geography is one of the most useful subjects that a child can learn. There are plenty of fantastic educational toys available, however a globe is one of the few toys that a child will never out grow a globe is a great investment in educational future of a little one. As a small child, a globe is a fun thing to spin around while learning about different landmarks or major cities. As a middle school or high school student a globe becomes a reference tool for social studies classes. Take a look at our selection of holiday gifts ideas for children.
Scout II

Scout II 
Scout II Globe features a 12-inch sphere designed for a desktop. A rotating base makes for easy viewing. This model is compact and easy to fit in an office and home. Over 4,000 landmarks which included oceans, landmarks and continents are featured in full detail. Detailed oceanography makes the globe unique. A great reference tool for completing homework assignments. An internal LED makes this an excellent choice as a night light. The lighting feature enhances the cartography when used in the dark.
Geo Safari Talking Globe
 Geo Safari Talking Globe 

The Geo Safari Talking Globe is an excellent choice for any young scholar, featuring over 10,000 questions about geography and cultures around the world.  Move between multiple players modes from beginner to advanced. There are three categories for trivia questions. One selection of questions is based on the United States and Canada, a second group is based on the entire world and a third group of questions is based on the World, Canada and the United States.  Each globe features high quality digital sound, an volume control, automatic scoring, help and repeat buttons as well as international music. The 12- inch sphere rests atop an acrylic stand, this model can be enjoyed by up to four players. AC Adapter or 4 size C batteries are required.


The Intelliglobe is an interactive and educational toy with significant longevity. Adults and children can enjoy geography adventures from the comfort of home. Talk about various landmarks, plan a road trip and ask each other trivia questions. Several different player modes means that there are a host of games to enjoy. The fun of a video game combined with the learning potential of an educational toy. Over 2.5 hours of educational material with the option to connect to an app via iOs or Android to update the device with new material.  A USB cable is included for recharging the Intellipen. A World Discovery Book is included.

Pioneer Globe for Kids
Pioneer Globe
The Pioneer Globe by Replogle Globes is a 12- inch raised relief sphere resting a top a metal, bronze-colored stand. A full swing meridian allow for easy accessibility and navigation.  This particular model is unique because few table top globe feature a full meridian. Detailed descriptions of oceanography and topography makes this an excellent reference tool for years to come. The continents, countries and coordinates are outlines to provide a comprehensive representation of Planet Earth. The stand and sphere reach a combined height of 17 inches tall a convenient size for any classroom, home or office. Such a great value for this price point.

Rotating Globe for Kids
 Rotating Globe for Kids from Replogle Globe

The Rotating Globe for Kids from Replogle Globe features a solid metal base and rotates 360 degrees on axis. The sphere and stand reach a combined height of 12 inches. The sphere is 10 inches wide and 10 inches in diameter. An internal LED means that this globe serves dual function as a globe by day and a night light once the sun slips from view. This particular model was created with children in mind and features over 100 illustrations.  Vibrant colors and detailed descriptions serve to stimulate a child's imagination in a positive direction. Depictions of flora and fauna help them gain a better understanding of the world around them. An inline switch controls the light and rotation functions

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