Friday, March 24, 2017

Interior Design and Maps in 2017: National Geographic Mural Map

Few decorative pieces convey undisputed sophistication and wisdom the way that a world map  does. The National Geographic Executive Political World Map Mural embodies this air of elegance and erudition effortlessly. Style and statement are the focus of many trends in today's decor and this beautifully crafted map makes it easy to eloquently bring out the boldness in your home or office. Grace your walls with this regal centerpiece that makes an excellent addition to rooms with subdued and neutral tones, as well as spaces with more vibrant palettes. This stunning, award-winning classic executive map of the world in an impressive mural sized masterpiece. Featuring Winkel Tripel Projection where each inch of space represents 206 miles, you can expect superior cartographic detail and accuracy paired with astounding artistry. Place this beautiful wanderlust inspiring map in your home or office as a truly distinct and elegant addition. This map can easily be affixed with three latex coated panels, which adhere just like wallpaper.

How a World Map Can Redefine the Look and Feel of Your Space

For the perfect blend of intrigue and sophistication, the detailed imagery of a world map like the this one will especially make a charming addition to rooms with hardwood flooring or furnishings in gold or copper. If you seek ways to add a substantial statement piece to your living room, dining room, home office or bedroom, a world map is an excellent way to decorate your personal space with a one of a kind nostalgic backdrop that will leave a lasting impression in the most sophisticated of ways. As more designers embrace the concept of international themes throughout homes and offices, world maps are becoming more desirable for those who seek to add an exclusive spotlight piece to their personal space. For a stylish and breathtaking addition to your room, a mural-sized world map can completely redefine your room.

National Geographic Executive Political World Map Mural

A Natural and Rustic Piece of Functional Art

With regard to flooring trends, brushed finishes give a natural and rustic feel to a home or space, which brings out elements such as ingrained textures. With a nod to nostalgic or period elements, this World Map Mural is a must have addition to your home or office and would pair perfectly with this up and coming style. More and more people are decorating their space with considerations from the ground up. Draw together both your floor and surrounding space with the encompassing old-world elegance of this beautiful world map. Mixed patterns are another area that is trending in today's decor. Fully embracing busier elements in the home and office, a world map mural will be right at home as an enticing and accentuating piece, lending another element of versatility to your space. Also, with more emphasis being placed on textured furnishings, a National Geographic Executive Political World Map Mural adds creativity and vitality.

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