Thursday, December 15, 2016

MOVA Globes: Adornment for your Desk

The intersection of technology and geography has created some innovative and interesting globes. The MOVA Globe is a spherical representation of Planet Earth that utilizes light in order to rotate. Both natural and artificial light are harnessed by the globe as it spins on its axis. No messy cords to get tangled and no expensive batteries to replace. The rotation of the globe is a simulation of the motion of our Planet Earth. An artistic piece like this will add creative appeal to any interior space.

 As the World Turns

MOVA Earth View
MOVA globes are hand crafted from the best materials. An assemblage of finely polished polymer, resin shells and non-toxic fluids allow the spheres to rotate smoothly. A highly sophisticated mechanism nestled inside each globe generates power from ambient light. A combination of solar cells, magnetic elements and other proprietary pieces generate the power necessary for this process. Behold a scientific and artistic wonder! This commanding and creative centerpiece will attract attention and conversation in any part of your home or office. The MOVA globe is comprised of two spheres, each nestled inside the other. The inner sphere provides the kinetic energy for rotation, it is encapsulated within a second sphere which is transparent and contains fluid. The globe is suspended in this environment which is nearly friction free. The globe and the liquid it is suspended in have almost equal density.

Solar Energy, Density and Magnetic Fields

The similarity in density means that as the inner globe rotates, the liquid redistributes itself evenly around the sphere preventing contact between the inner and outer spheres. The lack of friction generated by this situation allows the inner globe to rotate.The inner sphere is semi-permeable and allows some of the light spectrum to penetrate the pigment of the image. The inner sphere contains several photovoltaic cells which generate energy from this light. The inner sphere also contains a magnetic field which synchronizes itself to the magnetic field of Planet Earth. This system functions in a similar fashion to compass rotating its magnetized needle to align itself with earth magnetic field, indicating due north. The motion generated by the photovoltaic cells provide the momentum necessary to keep the sphere spinning in motion.

Geography and Technology

The wonders of geography and technology have combined to create this fascinating masterpiece, a brilliant display of the laws of physics. These globes are available in a variety of styles and colors. The model featured above is the MOVA Earth View with Cloud Cover Revolving 6 inch globe. What a wonderful addition this would make to the mantle of a fireplace! The contrasting colors are classic yet vibrant. Instead of having to spin the globe to see all of the countries, simply sit back relax and plan a trip to your favorite holiday location as you watch it rotate. A variety of stands are available to maximize your viewing pleasure. Crystal and wooden stands are available to display this piece to best advantage.

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