Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Shopping Guide: 5 Fabulous Desktop Globes

Globes make such elegant and sophisticated presents. As the holiday season approaches there are so many presents to buy and people to think of. Presents that are non-consumable and aesthetically pleasing are a great choice.  A globe satisfies both of these criteria. Desktop globes are compact and easy to transport, this is a classic item with reference and design value for years to come. One of our classic globes will easily find a new home on a coffee table, bookshelf, office or dining room. These are the top 5 styles of desktop globes for 2016.

The Monarch is a 14-inch decorative tabletop globe from Replogle. This unique globe makes use of various shades of black, grey and silver to express the outline of Planet Earth in detailed relief. Descriptions of countries, continents and landmarks are clearly visible in red and black lettering. A full swing meridian makes navigation particularly convenient. The sphere rests on a deep veined marble base reflecting also the black, grey and silver themes of the former. This artistic and elegant globe is especially suited to library and office settings. The compact size means that a desk or bookshelf can easily accommodate it.

The old school charm of the Premier from Replogle Globes holds particular appeal for lovers of antiquity. Antique oceans, raised relief, and a brass plated full meridian are reminiscent of a bygone era. The rich and luxurious cherry wooden base is sure to a please a teacher, professor, or other professional. This three-dimensional representation of Planet Earth is sure to be an eye catching centerpiece for a coffee table or bookcase. The globe is an excellent reference tool containing the latest information regarding geopolitical boundaries in its own right. However, the wooden base also features a compartment for a hardcover copy of the Rand McNally Premier Word Atlas. A classic globe with antique styling enhances a professional setting Premier is 12-inches in diameter and the stand and sphere reach a height of 18 inches.


The Freedom from Replogle Globes is a sensational choice for a holiday present. Lovers of nature and American heritage will share an interest in this one of a kind figure of the Earth. The 12-inch sphere rests a top a bronze colored relief of an eagle. The wings of the eagle are spread in flight invoking a commanding and powerful presence. The majestic and metallic eagle rests on a wooden base. The cherry finished wood is an excellent complement to the die cast full meridian. The reference value of this globe is equal to its aesthetic appeal. The antique styled maps has raised reliefs and detailed descriptions of geopolitical boundaries. The Freedom is another excellent choice for office d├ęcor. Any professional setting would be enhanced by the impressive nature of this centerpiece.


The Mariner is a very versatile globe, because it features both ocean topography and cartography. This globe provides a level of detailed information regarding the ocean floor that is not provided on most globes. It's name is quite suitable. The geopolitical boundaries are updated with each production cycle ensuring that the most current and accurate information is provided. This particular model is available in two styles one features an internal LED for illumination the other does not. A semi- meridian and a base made from dark cherry wood enhances the elegant appeal of this globe.


The mythical legend Atlas holds the world on his shoulders. This globe is appropriately named after the figure of Greek Mythology "Atlas" as penance the Greek god was designated as the guardian of the Earth. This one of a kind world globe rests a top a relief carved stand featuring Atlas. The 12-inch sphere stands 20-inches tall when mounted on the stand. The map of this globe features modern day geographic descriptions yet retains old world charm and elegance. A full meridian and champagne colored oceans enhance the rustic ambiance of this sphere. Educational value and artistic appeal combined in one package.

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