Monday, November 14, 2016

Holiday Buying Guide: 5 Globes That Make Excellent Holiday Presents for Children

Opportunities to combine fun and learning are the best choices for Holiday Presents. An understanding of geography is beneficial to children both inside and outside of the classroom. A sense of global awareness and civic responsibility is developed by understanding their relationship to the world around them. Each of these three dimensional representations of the world provides plenty of information about geopolitical boundaries. Each globe has specific features and serves as an excellent reference tool for children complete educational assignments.

  #1 Scout II

Scout II
The Scout II globe is illuminated and measures 12-inches in diameter. A rotating base allows for easy navigation. This spherical representation of Planet Earth is compact and has easy to read descriptions of landmarks. The boundaries of countries and states are presented with relevant details for young students. This globe makes an excellent and affordable reference tool for homework assignments. There are over 4,000 landmarks including bodies of water, capital cities, and places of interest. internal LED also provides the option to use this device as a nightlight. This feature is controlled by an inline switch on the electrical cord. This globe/nightlight would find a nice new home on your child's desk or nightstand.

#2 Intelliglobe II

Intelliglobe II
This one of a kind globe is an interactive and educational toy that your little ones will enjoy for several years to come. Adults and children can learn together by exploring trivia questions and games. This table top globe is a modern educational tool that combines the fun and adventure of a video game with the useful information of geography trivia. The Intelliglobe II comes with over 2.5 hours of material and connectivity to a special app via iOS or Android allows new information to be downloaded to the Intellipen. The Intellipen is rechargeable using the accompanying USB cable. This device can be used to explore various categories of information at the base of the globe on the feature panel. The accompanying World Discovery Book is a useful reference guide that provides information regarding various aspects of countries around the globe.

#3 Earth and Constellations Globe

Earth and Constellations
This 9-inch globe features blue oceans and a semi- meridian. Bright colors make this an eye catching reference tool. In addition to information about landmarks, continents and bodies of water this globe lights up to show the position of the constellations. The unique globe offers an opportunity to use the same device to teach children about astronomy, geography and anthropology. This particularly compact model is a perfect fit for little ones, easy to hold and transport. The Earth and Constellations provides the information necessary to advance children's developing interest in the world around them. Information regarding the solar system is featured in addition to geography. Learn about the continents and constellations in one compact device


Smart Infinity

  #4 The Smart Infinity Globe

The Smart Infinity Globe is a toy that provides hours of fun and learning. Connectivity to iOS and Android apps offers the opportunity to access additional information and new content.
This device provides over 2.5 hours of educational content. A special device called a Smart Pen provides a built in speaker and a means to record audio notes and find places on the globe. A game like this makes a wonderful accompaniment for road trips and other types of travel. A local map is included as a supplement for geography lessons. A USB cable allows connection to a PC for updates and additional lessons.

The Treasury is a unique globe that provides two options for display. Unlike most globes that are designed with either a desktop or floor setting in mind this globe is suitable for both locations. This globe is convertible it can be used as a full 32 inch tall model resting a top its stand. Another option to display this sphere is to disassemble it and place it on a desktop or coffee table. The solid metal base and full swing meridian add another dimension of aesthetic enjoyment. Vivid colors make the cartography particularly appealing to children. The color scheme of the Treasury is a welcome complement to any interior setting. This quality piece offers both reference and aesthetic value.

As you are considering holiday presents for the special child in your life, be it your own or a niece, nephew or grandchild consider the benefits of educational gifts such as these globes. Video games, and other sources of amusement will easily be forgotten but one of these awesome globes will be part of your little one's educational journey for years to come.

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