Friday, October 21, 2016

Ideas for Fall Decorating Using Globes

Fall Entertaining

                                                       Atmosphere Almond Reflective Sphere

As the leaves begin to drop and Thanksgiving begins to approach it is so nice to enjoy the comfort and company of family and friends. Evenings of entertainment require the appropriate interior decor. Maps and globes make a classic and sophisticated addition to the typical decorations of the fall season. Pumpkins, cornucopia, squash and corn are plentiful this time of year. These earthy decorations have their place in your home, however nothing can match the commanding presence of a globe. The class and sophistication exuded by old school furnishings is unrivaled. Nothing communicates elegant interior design like the presence of a map or globe in your living room or dining room.  A classic desktop globe like this one from the Atmosphere collection would be a welcome addition to a mantle or coffee table. The rich color is indicative of autumn leaves, a great way to bring the colors of fall into your living space.  The Atmosphere Reflective Sphere Almond Globe makes a great conversation piece, perfect for stimulating discussion about holiday travel plans and vacations. 

Places for Floor Globes
Viking Expedition
For larger spaces like entryways, courtyards or porches one of our Floor Globes would be an excellent choice. The Viking Expedition is a fantastic combination of modern and classic architecture. The stand features a compass style design fashioned out of charcoal colored metal, the 16 inch sphere is encased in metal and features a full swing meridian. The sphere can rotate in any direction. The meridian is fashioned from antique brass which compliments the antique oceans of the sphere. There are over 4,000 landmarks and geopolitical boundaries with descriptions on the globe. The Viking Expedition offers aesthetic appeal as well as reference value, all information is reflective of current events. Like adventurers and explorers of yesteryear this globe can be used to plan exciting travels across the world.

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