Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Atmosphere Globes- New Product Offerings from Ultimate Globes !

      Ultimate Globes is proud to announce the addition of a new line of products to our offerings. The Atmosphere line of globes is an extensive collection of designer globes. These aesthetically pleasing pieces are functional as decorative items, educational tools and geographic references. These modern globes are manufactured in various sizes, colors and materials and provide a proportional perspective of the continents, islands, oceans and lakes of Planet Earth.  Manufacturing of the Atmosphere globes began in 1949 as a collaboration between father and son Riccardo and Renato Donati.  These one of a kind globes are in a class by themselves and represent the cooperative endeavors of several designers and engineers.
Atmosphere- Red Globe
Royal Red Cameo Silhouette
 A mid-size globe such as the Royal Red Cameo Silhouette is perfect for easy reference on your desk or tabletop, in your choice of black or red, this elegant globe is truly one of a kind. A diagonal stand and contrasting colors make this original piece a focal point and a definite conversation piece. A large globe like the “Penthouse Steel model offers enhancement to any traditional office or library setting. The impressive size, and elegant yet grand presence elevates everyday spaces. These are just a few of the exciting options from this new collection. 
Atmosphere Globe- Large Frame
The Penthouse Steel Frame Globe

A globe is not just a representation of Planet Earth, it is a way to record changes in geography, ocean topography and political boundaries.  In the past twenty years there are countries on each of the continents that have seen changes to their names, boundaries, capitals and landmarks.  A globe is wonderful way to stay informed in regards to current events. Few items convey the sense of adventure, travel and mystery expressed by a globe. A quick glance at this sphere can be a great launch pad for travel plans. The Atmosphere globes offer sophistication and an artistic representation of the Earth to adorn your mantle, office desk or bookshelf. Stay tuned for more elegant pieces that can be integrated into interior design.

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