Friday, September 23, 2016

5 Reasons to Decorate Your Conference Room With Globes

What decorative items do you have in your conference room? Too many managers don't consider that question carefully enough. After all, this is not just the place where the team gets together to discuss strategy; it's also the meeting place with current and potential clients. Potential clients should leave the room impressed by your company and ready to invest their time and resources. A decoration possibility that's often overlooked: globes. Here are 5 reasons to decorate your conference room with globes.

 1) Design Superiority As a host, you naturally want your conference room to be decorated in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Those decorations should not disrupt from the central conversation or presentation, but should instead enhance the atmosphere. And from a design standpoint alone, globes accomplish just that. Intricate globes with wooden stands impart a commanding presence as a minimalistic focal piece.
Barrel Globe- Frank Lloyd Wright

2) Projecting Style

A perfect conversation piece does not just attract attention. A classic globe enhances the room, it also allows visitors to draw conclusions about your design sense and personality. The presence of a globe projects a sense of classic sensibility and aesthetics. Simple decor pieces such as a globe can help reinforce branding. Communicating global consciousness and design sense with one simple piece.
Napoli Bar Globe          

3) Increasing Credibility
Does your company conduct business internationally? In our increasingly globalized world, the answer to that question is often "yes". A globe subtly enhances your credibility in dealing with international affairs. The presence of a globe indicates a sense of global consciousness and awareness.

4) Enhancing Presentations
Depending on the size of your globe, you can even incorporate it into your presentation as a visual aid. If you're talking about supply chains from India to the U.S., why not physically trace that route on your globe? Ever thought about marking your international office locations on a globe for your clients to see and appreciate? Including the globe itself in your presentation can make the above effects even more pronounced.

5) Additional Functionalities
A functional piece like a bar globe in a conference room is a great conversation starter. A bar globe is not only useful for serving alcohol, the additional functionality of this type of globe can be used to display a portfolio of your work, product samples. simple decorative choice like placing a globe in a corner can go a long way toward improving your room, and in turn your client relationships. For more information about globes and their advantages for business and personal use alike, contact us!

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