Monday, August 15, 2016

Geography In the Modern Classroom

Geography is a crucial component of education in the 21st century

A globe to learn the constellations and continents

        In our ever changing society it is highly beneficial for children to understand their place in the global community. An appreciation of other cultures and the ability to connect with those with different lifestyles is crucial to interpersonal development. The advent of globalization has diminished the boundaries between countries and continents. E-commerce has further eliminated the degree of separation between nations. A few clicks of a mouse and keys on a keyboard and you can purchase items from anywhere in the world.

Creating Practical Connections to the World around You       

       One of the best ways for children to get a perspective on the world around them is to play with a globe. Globes provide so much information about the world around us. One of the most important things that can be learned from looking at a globe is that the world is round. This concept is not well conveyed by a regular flat map. Making a connection between places learned about in history and a spot on the globe makes the information more relevant.

An understanding of geography is also useful for learning about weather patterns and climate.

       A simple glance at the globe and knowing the seasons being experienced by different countries provides relevance to media reports. The evening news makes so much more sense when you can see where that cyclone or monsoon happen. This also allows you to learn about and comprehend the patterns of climate change that are common to certain areas.

Understanding geopolitical boundaries is another reason to have a globe.

     There’s no better way to get a grasp of where places are then to take a finger and point to them. Learn the capitals of states and countries, learn the continents. Learn about different people and cultures broaden your horizons. Spin the globe and pick a new place for your class to learn about. Explore the globe with your students.

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