Thursday, May 12, 2016

Decorating with Gemstone Globes

At its finest, interior decor -- whether in your home, office, conference room, or event space -- should reflect your aesthetics and you values. The way a space is decorated creates a subtle communication to all who walk in the room. The way a room looks impacts the way you and your visitors feel. Is the space uplifting? Is it simple, sleek and modern; or full of ornate and regal trimmings? There are infinite ways to add beauty and style to a room. Many interior designers make use of globes as an upscale decoration; one that also functions as a conversation piece, a learning tool, and a source of wonder and curiosity.

The Unique Elegance of a Gemstone Globe

Gemstone Globes create a special statement in any space. These beautiful globes are outfitted with real semi-precious gemstones, like lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, abalone shell, amethyst, and turquoise. Most globes depict a blue ocean. Some of our gemstone globes are made with deep blue turquoise oceans, while others show the sea in purple, teal, grey, or green. Color is the outstanding feature of these lovely objets d'art. Gold leaf longitude and latitude lines create the perfect accent for the rich colors on many. Gemstone globes integrate the intellectual interest of a world globe with the stunning beauty of fine jewelry, or a work of fine art. They add dazzling color to your space, and create a stunning visual statement in any room. These gemstone globes create a statement of polished beauty and high-class, whether in your library, living room, or office.

Desktop Gemstone Globes Add Beauty to your Workspace

Sometimes a smaller globe is more suited to your space. Desktop gemstone globes are smaller and made to rest on surfaces. They are ideal for accentuating bookshelves, display tables, and work surfaces. Along a bookshelf, they create a posh, intellectual look. On a desktop, they provide a bit of beauty and wonder to glance at while you work. As a diversion during projects, gemstone globes provide a welcome shift in perspective -- allowing you to "zoom out" from your intense focus and remember the vastness of the world. Gemstone globe book-ends can add a unique touch to your bookshelves or library.

Gemstone Globe Paperweights Create Visual Surprise
Copper Opalite Gemstone Globe Paperweight
Copper Opalite Gemstone Globe Paperweight

Even smaller than desktop globes are our gemstone globe paperweights. These little sculptures, of course, function well to hold your papers in place! But more than that, they create visual surprise and interest where it might not be expected. Picture these small globes interspersed here and there among the books on your shelves; on your coffee table; or displayed in your kitchen. We've even seen these little 'gems' suspended from the ceiling, to create a whimsical and elegant impact. Wherever you place them, these mini gemstone globes remind viewers of the splendor and wonder of our world. They also make fantastic gifts!

Whether you are seeking to redecorate your home, add a little spice to your workplace decor, add visual interest to your conference room, or give a thoughtful gift, consider decorating with gemstone globes.

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