Sunday, November 1, 2015

Holiday Buying Guide: Top 5 Tabletop Globe Gifts

You've decided that you want to purchase a globe for a friend, family member, or teacher for the holidays. Unfortunately, when you started the search process to choose a globe, you discovered that you had no idea where to start!

This holiday buying guide will give you a look at the Top 5 Tabletop Globes and how to choose the one that's right for your recipient.


The Desoto globe is one of the least-expensive tabletop globe options that will give you everything you need. It comes complete with 4,000+ named cities, countries, and other places of interest, so you'll know that it will be easy to find the places you really need on the globe.

The gorgeous round base has a dark walnut finish that will go wonderfully in any office or classroom, and the antique-style oceans combine with a classic color scheme to give this globe a beautiful appearance that will have geography fans itching to get                                                        their hands on it. The Desoto globe is 12" in diameter.


The Monarch globe takes class and elegance to a new level. This gorgeous globe uses shades of black, grey, and silver to showcase all the relevant locations, while a full-swing meridian makes this a user-friendly globe that is easy to use without picking it up.
Even the base is a beautifully appointed deep veined marble adorned in shades of black and grey: that will be at home with any modern style of decor. The Monarch, like the Desoto, is approximately 12" in diameter; however, the additional space for the meridian and base takes the Monarch to 16" high and 14" wide. Like the Rockford globe featured next, the Monarch is in limited production, so grab it while it is available.


The Rockford combines the best of the Monarch and the Desoto. This larger globe, with its 16" diameter, comes complete with a swinging meridian that will make it easy to view the entire globe without picking it up.

Like the Desoto, it displays more than 4,000 labeled places of interest, all with an antique finish that reminds the viewer of the ancient nature of the earth. The Rockford globe has a matte black base and meridian. It is a limited production run and is an excellent value for the size!

Peninsula Globe

The Peninsula is a gorgeous globe that will bring a touch of style and elegance to any home office or den. The pagoda-style base in dark cherry displays the 12" globe to full effect. The Peninsula displays not only places of interest, but also ocean topography.

These features, which aren't shown on many traditional globes, make the Peninsula stand out from the crowd.

It's also noted that the Peninsula is updated each time a new cycle is produced to ensure that owners of this gorgeous globe have access to the most up-to-date political boundaries possible.

Livingston Globe

The Livingston is a globe that would be at home in any setting, delighting all with its bright colors and easy-to-read labels when illuminated. See two different style maps; a physical map when not illuminated and a geo-political map when illuminated (as shown).

Designed to maintain a nostalgic feeling for old-time globes, complete with all the features on them, this blue-ocean globe nevertheless offers a unique view of the earth when not illuminated--much like the one seen when astronauts look down from space.

The Livingston is 16" tall with a 12" globe ball, making it the perfect size for any tabletop.

Whether you're looking for a classic classroom globe or a stylish addition to your office, there's a globe choice for you. Antique finishes, blue oceans, or modern black and white: whatever style you prefer, you can select a globe to match.

With each globe, you'll get the same high quality and attention to detail that you expect.

Still not sure which globe is right for you? With over 250,000 customers and 50 years of combined experience, count on Ultimate Globes to assist you with any questions.

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