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Holiday Buying Guide: Top 5 Globes for Children of All Ages

If your looking for an excellent way to educate or enhance ones understanding of the world we live, there is no better way than with a 3D representation as provided with a world globe. Packed with information, each globe provides both geopolitical information such as countries, states & provinces as well as 1,000's of named places and points of interest.
As each globe may have a specific purpose in the information it provides, we have put together this Top 5 list that may assist you with your selection. This list is comprised on some of the top selling models at Ultimate Globes in which we have considered hundreds of customer reviews in this selection.


This 12-inch spinning tabletop globe is perfect for your budget and fits easily into homes of all sizes.

While it doesn't take up much room, it does feature the world in full color with easy-to-read names for prominent places.

Scout II Illuminated
Country and state boundaries are represented, and students of all ages are given just enough detail to complete school assignments. If you want to keep it simple or appreciate more traditional globe designs, this is an affordable option to consider.

The Scout is also now available with or without Illumination. The Illuminated Scout II provides a great back light for reading the map in darker conditions, or serves well as a night light. The illuminated Scout II has LED lighting, so there is no need to change the bulb. It also has an inline switch on the cord to turn it on or off. 

Earth & Constellation
It's a standard blue-oceans globe by day and an illuminated view of the sky by night. You can set this 9-inch spinning globe on any table and use it for educational purposes throughout the day, but your kids will want to spend more time with it when the lights go out. 

In addition to showing the current position of water bodies, countries and states, it lights up to show the position of constellations and stars. It does double duty by educating children about geography and assisting with astrology lessons.

This is the perfect globe to advance children's interest in exploring all aspects of their complex world. It's also a more compact model that will fit easily into smaller spaces. 

This is a great gift to accompany a telescope. In addition this globe can run on batteries or the included AC adapter.

Globe 4 Kids
This 10-inch tabletop globe keeps education fun by marking the world with animals and other illustrations and illuminating for explorations in the dark. Light it up at bedtime and allow your child to point to a country in which you will set your bedtime story, or simply use it as a nightlight.

The illustrations on this globe are perfect for getting younger children interested in geography, but it still offers the detail that older kids may need to complete school assignments. It weighs about two pounds, so kids can easily move it from room to room as needed.

                                                      #4 - Intelliglobe II Deluxe

If you're searching for a tabletop globe that serves as a modern educational tool, this 12-inch interactive globe may suit your needs. It features 18 interactive features that allow school-aged children and adults to explore geography through trivia questions and games. It has an updated style that makes it look more like a spinning video game than a standard globe.

If you're struggling to get your child interested in learning resources, this is one tool that may grab their attention. While it does provide detail needed to complete educational assignments, you can also just let your children play with it so that they learn by default. The Intelliglobe II Deluxe is only available for 2015 and has a limited production run, so purchase this item early as it may be out of stock before Thanksgiving.

Levitating Globe

This globe measures less than four inches, but it has a superpower that will grab the attention of younger children: levitation. Your kids will easily figure out how to make their globe rise up and hang in the air, perfectly positioned between a sturdy base and overhead arm. 

Lights on the base add to the charm when levitation is achieved, and the globe returns to the base when interactive play is over.

The levitating globe is one of the most affordable and fun options for children today, but it doesn't provide the detail that you'll find on many of the other globes featured on this list. 

You may consider offering this as a gift to a younger child so that they don't feel left out by the larger globe you give to an older child. This gets everyone excited about exploring our world. This globe includes an AC adapter as its electric source.

If you want to give every member of your household, grandchild or a family friend a fun educational resource this holiday season, place your order today and wrap it up. 

Of course at Ultimate Globes we pride ourselves on being specialists of all things globe, so if you have questions about the perfect children's globe for your home,contact us for more information.
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