Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Holiday Buying Guide: Top 5 Floor Standing Globes That Make Perfect Gifts

Summer is over! As the leaves are beginning to turn (depending on your location), thoughts everywhere are beginning to turn toward the Holiday season. It's never too early to start planning for Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas!

As you're beginning to think about a special gift for a special someone, allow us to help. Today in our holiday buying guide, we'll feature 5 floor standing globes that make perfect presents.

Landen Globe
Landen Globe 16-Inch

First is the 16-inch Landen Globe, a perfect accent piece or feature for a study, home office or den. Sold exclusively by Ultimate Globes, if features an up-to-date antique style raised relief world globe that offers just enough color to easily distinguish countries and draw attention, along with a Walnut finish stand to hold up the globe and a heavy well designed metal base.

The manufacturer has listed over 4,000 names and points of interest on the globe, which stands just under 4 feet tall and weighs 25 pounds. If you act fast, you can get this gorgeous globe for half of its price! NOTE: This item is on limited availability!

Viking Expedition Globe 16-inch

Viking Globe
Looking for something more rustic? Viking Expedition counters with a bronze metallic-style globe and stand that includes a metal flat charcoal finish with an antique finished die-cast Meridian that
swings fully to allow for perfect vantage points.We especially love the details on this globe, which includes a compass design feature below the globe ball.

Like the Landen Globe, the Viking Expedition creation is exclusively available at Ultimate Globes, features over 4,000 place and point of interest names, and is currently available at an excellent price. It really is quite the bargain compared to similar 16-inch floor standing globes.

Heathrow Globe

Heathrow Executive Globe 12-inch

Marin Globe
Whereas the Landen Globe and Viking Expedition Globe above both cater to very specific design styles, the Heathrow Executive Globe is nothing if not adaptable. The stand, with an overall sleek 38 inches hight, is both slender and elegant, holding a 12 inch diameter antique-style globe ball.

The Meridian is designed in brushed silver, contrasting nicely with the dark wood stand and making this globe a perfect fit for either classical or modern room designs. Thanks to its slender stand and 12 inch globe, this model fits well into a room even if space is limited.

Marin Globe 16-Inch

Back to 16 inch globes, the Marin Globe is a perfect choice if the owner-to-be yearns for the days of explorer. Looking at this model, with its wrought iron finish, full swing meridian and antique style globe ball, it's difficult not to imagine it in the captain's cabin of some famous
explorer's ship.

Our U.S. customers will especially appreciate the individual state boundaries featured on this globe. But regardless of your home, it's difficult not to love features like the wrought iron stand, the antique style meridian and the overall rustic finish. It's rare to find a contemporary globe that so evokes the days of sea exploration.

Lancaster Globe (non-illuminated)
     Lancaster Globe 12-Inch

Finally, we finish with a globe that just might be the perfect amalgamation of all of the models above. The Lancaster Globe is slender, but still plenty stylish enough to make for the perfect centerpiece in any home or office.

The cherry-finished stand is crafted with astonishing attention to detail, as are the 4,000+ individually named places and points of interest on the 12 inch, bronze metallic raised relief globe ball.

A full swing, die cast numbered meridian ensures that you can use the globe to explore the world, including all 50 individual U.S. states. In short, it's a perfect gift for anyone with an insatiable wanderlust or simple appreciation of our world. The Lancaster is also available in an illuminated model if adding a little light is something that would be appreciated.

What gifts are you giving your special someone this holiday season? Make it a globe, and we're sure it will be a gift to remember.

Of course, the above 5 models are just a few of the many globes in our collection, so don't hesitate to contact us if you'd love further information about the infinite possibilities when it comes to buying globes!

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