Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why Globes are Meaningful Today: The Timeless Benefits of Understanding Our World

The late author and space futurist Arthur C. Clarke gave an interesting observation about how we view earth when he once said:
"It's not easy to see how the more extreme forms of nationalism can long survive when men have seen the Earth in its true perspective as a single small globe against the stars."
Mova Satellite View Globe
Mova Satellite View Globe
Fortunately, globes have been around long enough to help us have hundreds of years to look at the world from an omniscient perspective. Today, globes have become sophisticated enough to bring accurate representations and give you the feeling of being able to see the world from fresh angles.

You can argue we all need the above as the world continues experiencing turmoil, even if it seems so distant when we see earth from satellite images. Globes provide the same kind of awe while also helping us get our bearings on where we are in relation to other places.

If you've lost sight of what a globe can do for your household, consider the history of globes and what they did for generations of kids and adults. Also consider the advances in technology that now allows many globes to have a more interactive approach to learning about our planet.

Here at Ultimate Globes, we want you to understand why globes are still meaningful today for both the home and the office.

Multiple Generations Have Owned Globes

If you look at any photo from the Georgian or Victorian eras, you'll see plenty of libraries and family rooms with beautiful floor globes on display. Many of those globes didn't get thrown out, and you'll
Diplomat Globe
Diplomat Globe
frequently see them in old homes turned into museums. In past eras, some floor globes were overly large, which only makes them more impressive to look at now.

It's common to see those same globes passed on to other generations within one family. Globes are simply one of the few centuries-old items in the world that never go out of style.

Globes Offer New Perspectives on Who We Are

While many old globes are still beautiful, current ones from globe makers like Replogle add new features to help provide both education and entertainment. Here at Ultimate Globes, you'll find many Replogle globes where new technologies allow for student interactivity. 

Students can learn about more than just continents and cities around the world. Interactive globes provide fascinating world facts and figures that even adults may not know.

What makes globes even more meaningful is they aren't just for kids. We sell various globes designed for adults. Some of them are customizable to use either as a desktop model, or for use in a living room as part of your interior decorating.

In the latter case above, globes have meaning beyond just education. They work as outstanding decorative pieces thanks to specialized versions available on the market.

The Decorative Possibilities

You can find numerous globes now that exist for decorative purposes, which can become a major Dara Elephant Globeconversation starter during a party in your home. Or, these work just as well in an office suite where the globe can double as a business reference tool and a decorative piece.

These decorative globes come in various styles, though you'll love the ones adorned with gemstones. It's a popular stylistic preference designed to increase the value of a globe, plus proving how easy they are to integrate into a household.

Many modern floor globes even have decorative bases that are durable and stylish to match any classy decor.

Contact us here at Ultimate Globes to remind yourself why globes are still meaningful today for your family in any environment. Take a look at our inventory with designs for all tastes.

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