Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Top 5 Replogle Globes for Men: Masculine Style and Placements for the Home or Office

Replogle has become one of the top makers of quality globes in the world while still making them affordable. They've also managed to create globes with beautiful, unique style and specific designs that appeal to every demographic. A surprising demo they cater to you perhaps didn't think existed any more for globe sales is men. While you may think men buying globes was a pastime done a century or more ago, it's never really gone away. You'd be surprised at how strong the market is for globes with masculine stylistic touches.

If you want to buy the man in your life a globe, or if you're a man yourself and want to buy a globe for your home or office, Replogle makes globes just for you. It's proof of how diverse Replogle is now in globe manufacturing and what they offer everyone in better appreciating our planet.

Take a look at our Top 5 Replogle globes for men, the unique features of each one, plus proper placements for them at work or in a home.

Replogle's Freedom Globe
Freedom Globe

The epic symbol of an eagle for freedom belongs to everyone, though when used in design, it's perfect for masculine tastes. When an eagle gets used as the base of a globe, it also becomes symbolic in other ways, including patriotism and reflecting love of wildlife.

If you have a man in your life with both a proud sense of patriotism and a respect for eagles in nature, this globe makes for a beautiful gift. With the eagle made of resin, you have a durable and sturdy base made of cherry-finished wood that lets you place this virtually anywhere.

For a man who wants to show off his patriotic pride, placing this on a conference table or on his desk in an office suite sets off an immediate impression. The globe itself is also impressive with raised relief so he gains a real-world perspective of geography. With political boundaries listed, it can invoke some interesting conversations.

Livingston Globe
The Livingstone Globe by Replogle

The Livingstone Globe is perfect for a man who likes tradition in his office or home globe. It resembles many of the globes he likely grew up with blue oceans and accurate colors representing the continents. At the same time, it has a masculine round wooden base so it looks perfect for his office suite if he has visitors often.

Many people prefer a globe that looks exactly how earth gets seen from space. This one does the job and will always start conversations when a man has business associates visit him in his office. It's also perfect for reference on conference tables if planning international business connections.

The Replogle Premier Globe
Premier Globe
Premier Globe

Another great globe with superior masculine design doubles as a place to store a World Atlas to complement the globe's use. With a cherry-finished base that's designed as a nook, a man can store an atlas in there for easy retrieval. Combined with this beautiful raised relief globe, it's yet another perfect gift for males truly interested in the world around them.

As above, it's also a handy tool when planning international business associations and needing to understand more about each country.
Atlas Globe
Atlas Globe
Atlas Globe by Replogle

Sometimes a man wants a globe with a strong artistic sensibility like the eagle base above. On the Atlas Globe, it's a small-scale sculpture of the mythological character Atlas. He's the entire base on this globe with a dramatic pose of holding modern Earth up on his shoulders.

The sculpture of Atlas has bronze resin materials for the ultimate in durability and class. Any man will love this on his desk at home, or for just proud display on a bookshelf in an office suite. It sets an immediate symbolic gesture about the challenges the world faces today.

Replogle's Leather Expedition Globe
Leather Expedition Globe

There isn't anything more masculine than leather, and this globe uses a two-toned leather finish on its surface for the ultimate in style. If your man has a leather obsession around his home office or at work, this complements it all exceptionally.

Lest you think it's all style over substance, though, the globe itself is highly detailed and easy to use for global referencing. It's both an educative tool and a perfect element of interior decorating, which is a rare combination.

Contact us here at Ultimate Globes to find out more about Replogle globes and the numerous styles they come in for any person or particular use.

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