Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Interactive Globes for Kids: Understanding the World for Our Newest Generation

After several centuries of globes helping people understand the world better, interactive globes for kids have become available as a way to modernize globes as we knew them. While traditional globes are always popular here at Ultimate Globes, we know that any child in the world can have a more enhanced learning experience with some digital interaction.

As the world becomes more complex, it's important for our newest generation to fully comprehend what they face. The beauty of interactive globes is that many of them have features for learning specific subjects in-depth. They're perfect for a school class on geography, or on your child's desk in their own room.

Also, we can't just hold to the idea that these interactive globes are for kids. Adults can learn just as much from them, especially if your own geography knowledge has slipped since you've been to school.

Take a look at many of the interactive globes we carry from top globe makers. You'll find many of the features they use go beyond just identifying places on earth and into our world as a complex place. This includes planetary science from the perspective of space.

Learning Facts and Figures
When the older generation sees some of these interactive globes, they'll wish they had the same thing when they were a kid. Even if it's fun to look at a well-made traditional globe, having an interactive pen you can use to identify facts and figures makes for true fun while learning.

A good example of the above is an interactive globe from Replogle called the Intelliglobe that uses a wireless pen to point out interesting aspects to earth that are quite thorough. You'll be surprised at how much your kids learn from this while going beyond identifying continents and major cities.

This globe takes your kids on a complete journey around the globe with facts covering everything from history to ecology. It even provides fun trivia games to challenge their intellect. Many of the facts provided are things that even you could learn from while your child is away in school.

Interaction By Voice

Thanks to better technology, the voices on the globe are in digital format so your kids can understand each word. It's not just voice, but some versions include international music and other sounds to give a complete understanding of cultures around the world.

You basically have a complete geography course all in one globe.

The Scientific Aspects to Earth
Other interactive globes on the market let you see the world from a more scientific point of view. Some of them (like the Safari Children's Globe) teach your kids about all of the animal species found in certain parts of the world. This one has illumination as well, which is a fun feature you'll find on a lot of interactive globes.

These globes go beyond just earth's surface. You'll find some that connect earth's role in space and identifying stars, or our relation to the sun. Our illuminated orbiter and solar system simulator are top sellers because they give fresh perspective on the planet's role in the universe.

Other globes literally open up so you can see what's inside our planet, which is something older globes didn't always allow.

Contact us here at Ultimate Globes to learn more about how interactive globes can help your children learn on a new level. Don't be surprised if they start teaching you a few things about our world for your own benefit.

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