Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fun Ideas for Decorating with Globes

A globe is one item that can be used in nearly any room of your home to create a unique look. Here are some ideas for decorating with globes you may want to try.
Create a Focal Point
Use globes in varying sizes to draw attention to a particular area by placing them in groups on an end table, coffee table or the top shelf of a bookcase. Accent your focal piece by hanging one or two maps in corresponding prints on a nearby wall. Other ways you can use globes to create a focal point are:
  • Filling a tall wire basket with miniature globes, then placing a round wooden or glass top over it to make a table.
  • Hanging globes from the ceiling, either singly or in groups. You could even turn globes into pendant lights to add charm to a child’s bedroom or play area.
  • Mounting them onto an empty wall at varying heights

Globes make some great accessories for your home. Some ideas you may want to try are:
Hardwin Airplane Globe
Hardwin Airplane Globe
  • Cutting an old globe in half, then filling with sand and seashells to dress up a nautical-themed room
  • Using half of an old globe as a bowl, which can be used to hold pine cones, leaves, and miniature pumpkins to create an autumn centerpiece for your table
  • Installing a light kit so your globe can be used as a reading lamp or nightlight
  • Stacking books vertically on a bookshelf, and then placing a small globe atop them. Alternatively, you could also use a matching pair of globes as bookends.

If you’d rather not repurpose old globes, you can purchase ones that are specially designed to function as other objects. For example, you may want a bar globe to use while entertaining, or prefer to buy a 16 to 20-inch illuminated floor globe rather than making your own lamp.
Mercator 1541 Globe
Mercator 1541 Globe
Vintage Look
For many people, what is most appealing about globes is their vintage look. There are plenty of unique ways to use antique-style globes in your décor, such as:
  • Stacking vintage suitcases in a corner, and then topping them with a single globe
  • Placing a globe atop an antique wardrobe in your entryway or foyer
  • Situating miniature globes inside a curio cabinet next to other collectibles
  • Sitting a globe on top of a child’s school desk that has been brightly painted to match

Color Scheme
Globes come in various hues of blue, beige and red that are ideal for decorating nearly any room. Try to pick one of the main colors in your globe for the wall, and then accessorize by adding throw rugs, curtains or pillows in a complimentary color. You could even paint your globe stand a brighter hue of blue or red to help accent some of the colors in it.
Adding Maps
Antique Style Wall Map
Antique Style Wall Map
Many people use maps along with their globe décor, in which case you could choose a shade of blue or red for its frame. You could even cover the front of a dresser with a beige map, and then paint the top and sides a shade of pale blue to better match your globe.
Old maps are sometimes used to cover window shades. A solid color valance underneath a window cornice that is used to hold one or more globes will help tie everything together rather nicely.
The number of ways you can use globes in your decorating is nearly endless. The key is to find the right globes to suit your taste and your home’s personality, which is where we come in. Please feel free to contact us in order to see the huge selection of globes we have available.

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