Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Discover the Diplomat Globe - The World's Most Detailed Globe

Diplomat Blue Ocean Globe
When you're in the business of globes, not much surprises you. Here at Ultimate Globes, we all share a passion in the world of travel and maps, and we've all seen thousands of globes, from small children's globes to large, centerpiece-type floor globes. But the Diplomat Globe by Replogle is different from all of them.

The World's Most Detailed Globe

Start with the fact that it houses over 20,000 individually named places of interest on its 32-inch diameter, making it undoubtedly the most detailed globe in the world. Yet, it's still easy to read, thanks in part to its back-light and the political style of its borders. The detail available on the map is almost too impressive to describe it in a single blog post; indeed, you could spend hours looking at the Diplomat Globe and still finding new descriptions and places.

A Handcrafted Masterpiece

Such a magnificent globe needs a fitting stand, so its cradle mount is almost as impressive as the globe itself. Handcrafted in the United States, it's constructed out of solid mahogany that stands 52 inches tall overall. The globe can spin freely left to right and vice versa, in addition to letting you "steer" it around its axis for full view of all parts of the earth. A brass meridian (also handcrafted, or course) allows you to determine latitude and longitude marks of the individual locations.

Speaking of handcrafted: no part of the globe is mass-produced. Even the map itself is overlaid on acrylic by hand, a process that takes several day for each globe.

Ideal Locations

Where do you place a masterpiece such as the Diplomat Globe? First, a reassurance: no matter what spot you choose as the home for this globe, it will attract the attention of anyone in the room thanks both to its size and its detail. That said, it works particularly well in reception rooms, offices and libraries, where its features are sure to be marveled at on a regular basis.
Diplomat Antique Ocean Globe

We would be remiss not to point out one thing: be sure that the room you choose to be the home for this globe has at least a 32 inch opening, otherwise the globe - let alone the stand - will not fit.

Custom Options

Of course, your location of choice may bring with them some needed adjustments. You may choose to place the Diplomat Globe in an area where no power outlet is readily available. In that case, we can custom-order the globe without its back-light for you, which eliminates the power cord at the bottom of the stand.

Because of its handcrafted, limited nature, choosing whether or not you like the back-light feature is not your only option for customization. depending on your preferences. You can also order the globe in either a contemporary blue or an antique color scheme, the latter giving you a true maritime feeling.

Marrying Function and Art

Over 500 years ago, the world's first globes were constructed to help seafarers navigate through the oceans. Their purpose was functional first and foremost. But what we love about globes is that since then, they have become so much more: they are pieces of art, sure to highlight the beauty of our planet and the creativity of their makers. Yet, they are still used in classrooms around the world to teach children about the planet they call home.

This marriage of functionality and art is unique, and it's why we at Ultimate Globes love the business we're in so much. And more than any other globe we've come across, the Diplomat Globe combines both in one magnificent masterpiece. Its 20,000 named places and exact political boundaries are nothing if not educational, packaged in a handcrafted design that will enhance and beautify any space around it. In other words, it epitomizes why we're in this business.

To learn more about the Diplomat Globe and to find the perfect globes for your needs, don't hesitate to contact us!

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