Thursday, September 17, 2015

Decorative Globes Make Great Housewarming Gifts: Bringing Unique Decor to Your Interior Design

Monarch Globe
Perhaps you've never given thought to the idea that decorative globes make great housewarming gifts to those buying a new home. That's possibly because you've lost sight of what globes once provided for both establishing home decor and being a conversational tool. Both of those concepts still integrate well in homes once you see what globes can do to elevate interior design.

Those who choose to bring globes into their homes as a decorative option adhere to the generational linkage globes provide. You've likely seen plenty of old pictures showing giant floor globes in Victorian-era homes and libraries. Globes were around even before that, including in paintings depicting aristocratic abodes of the 18th century or before.

Even in those eras, globes had decorative uses and as points of conversation about the known world. Today, with satellite technology, globes are completely accurate with advanced informational markings so you get a better world perspective.

While we sell globes with many special features for home or school use here at Ultimate Globes, we also want you to see the decorative possibilities. You can find some of this in our beautiful bar globes, as well as others that bring class to any room. At the same time, these globes guarantee starting conversations, which is what makes any housewarming party worth attending.

Bar Globes

You've never likely thought you could buy a globe with an embedded mini bar. We've offered these for a while, and they've become major hits as housewarming gifts. One reason is because of their varying styles, including an old world design that makes them look like nautical maps from the 16th century.
Capri Bar Globe
If you have an interior design incorporating old world elements, these globes fit in perfectly. However, they look great even in modern designs as a creative way to contrast two different eras. They also become major points of interest once you reveal where the bar is.

By simply opening the top section of the globe, you have access to a beautiful mini bar where you can store glasses and bottles. Many of them have sturdy bases on the bottom that allow you to store more bottles for easy access to your favorite wines or bourbon.

As you and your friends sit down together for a drink, you can  admire the detailed artwork these bar globes have. Almost all of these globes have antique frescoes inside, which any art aficionado will love. As such, you can have some refreshing discussions about the world and how much it's changed since the time depicted in these bar globes.
With most bar globes portable, they're easy to place in a special location within your home. You can buy them from us at reduced prices, which isn't easy to find anywhere else.

Other Decorative Globes

We carry many other globes here that help decorate a home to new aesthetic levels. Some of these include our popular gemstone globes where you can use a globe with different colors and in different contexts. The gemstones are beautiful enough, though you can find ones designed as bookends, paperweights, plus in floor globe style.
Austin Globe with Antique Oceans
Even traditional floor globes help add to traditional room designs seen in centuries past. You'll find floor globes that illuminate to help light a dark corner of a room. Or, you can find ones with different size bases with quality wood materials to match the color scheme of your surrounding furniture.

All made with quality materials, you never have to worry about maintenance other than general cleaning.

Contact us here at Ultimate Globes if you need to find a decorative globe for yourself or as a gift. You won't find a better place to find globes at affordable price levels, plus with the best globe makers in the world.

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