Thursday, September 10, 2015

Decorative Gemstone Globes: A Unique Way to Add Practical Beauty to Any Room

Caribbean Blue Desktop
Finding something to decorate a room that's also a great conversation starter isn't always easy. It's why interior decorators charge big bucks to come up with unique design ideas in homes. 

In your case, maybe you'll realize you can do plenty on your own to decorate a favorite room. Owning a decorative gemstone globe is a great start to fill out a room with something beautiful, yet also providing intellectual interest.

Here at Ultimate Globes, our gemstone globes bridge this gap, even though all globes add more class than you perhaps remembered. We want to remind you of how perfect globes are as decorative pieces, which only get enhanced with modern features.

When you have a gemstone globe in your home, you can easily make it blend in with your surrounding decor. The reason is the variety of styles available that brings something unique to decorating. At the same time, if your visitors grew up with globes in the home like you did, you can start some refreshing discussions about the state of our world.

Finding a Gemstone Globe with the Right Color

Perhaps you've had concerns finding a globe with the proper matching color in a room. Using a
Amethyst Book End Globe
gemstone globe, you have more colors to choose from thanks to the natural colors of the embedded gemstones. You'll find everything from amethyst opalite to peridot green. These create excellent primary colors to complement a similar interior color scheme.

At the same time, we know some of you prefer having natural colors on a globe. Caribbean blue and marine blue are available as well so the oceans on each globe look real.

The gemstones on the globes truly glisten in any lighting conditions, plus come in different styles and sizes. You'll be amazed at how you can use these globes for purposes you might not expect.

Bookends and Paperweights

You probably didn't know our gemstone globes come in bookend and paperweight form as excellent adds to any room, or office. For the bookend version, the globe is split in two so you can fit a book in a center slot. It's a fun and stylish design that's only enhanced with the gemstone color you choose.

Copper Amber Paperweight
These look great in living rooms where you want to showcase your favorite books. Most people buy more than one bookend globe for use on opposite ends of a couch. It doesn't matter what type of books you place there, even if ones related to the world can spark some interesting discussions. Conversations like this only make any home party more engaging.

Just as popular are gemstone globes in paperweight form for use on any nearby table for decorative purposes. The paperweight versions are equally useful on an office desk if a nearby open window creates a disruptive breeze.

Other Gemstone Globe Options

A great add to any bookcase in your home is the gemstone globe with a rotating base and reliable clock. You'll find a real antique-like charm with these while enjoying the ability to see the globe slowly revolve. As beautiful works of art, they'll start many conversations when a visitor sees one in any room.
Black Opalite Rotating Base

Tabletop and floor globes are additionally available in gemstone form. They add some luster to the traditional floor globes seen in homes for centuries. The same goes for the traditional tabletop globes that kids place on their room desks. 

Your gemstone tabletop globe can adorn a table in a family room for decor reasons or reference whenever you need it.

Contact us so we can help you find a gemstone globe that works for your home as a new, artful way to appreciate our planet.

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