Friday, September 4, 2015

Decorating With Globes Adds a New Dimension to Home Decor

Home decorating requires more than a general idea of what things should look like. Carefully-chosen elements, ranging from the main backdrop of the walls all the way to small accents, turn the house into the showplace you envision. At every stage of the project, you should think of how a planned change will affect the whole. This way, you'll get an end result where all of the elements work together to create the desired effect.

One way to make a big impact in any decor style is to add one or more world globes as accents. The impression given by having a globe in the room can never be matched by vases, candle holders, or other such trinkets. Here are a few possibilities and the impressions they tend to make:

A Big Globe on a Floor Stand

This style is often seen in movies, but it also works in real life when the room is large enough. A big globe sends a signal that its owner is either a world traveler or wishes to be one. People can generally expect the owner to know more about foreign countries than the average Joe, but this knowledge is likely to be of the type a vacationer will find interesting than of a political bent.
Sherbrooke II Globe
Sherbrooke II Globe

If the large globe is designed in an old-fashioned style, it will lend a historic look to the room and increase the classiness of the area while a modern style invites people to spin it to see areas of interest. Either way, it will lend elegance to the room and give the impression that its owner is unique in a good way.

To take these globes up a level from their already-impressive basic states, try getting one with an enhancement. Internal illumination is great for people who want to easily read the names of the countries and geographic features, while the hidden bar version is perfect for those who like the idea of keeping the liquor close without keeping it obvious.

Standard Sized Decorative Globes

Peninsula Globe by Waypoint Geographic
Peninsula Globe
The placement of these globes has much to do with the impression they make. When placed on out-of-the-way accent tables, it's clear that they're there mainly for show rather than actual usefulness. This is fine with decor styles that replicate ones strongly associated with foreign countries, and will enhance the effect of the main design.

On the other hand, globes that are placed in spots that imply that they are actually used, such as desktops or coffee tables, silently show that their owners have some sort of practical interest in at least some of the countries shown on these orbs. The interest may be political, have something to do with family history, or even be as down-to-earth as visualizing shipping lanes. In any case, asking about these globes may result in the guest being regaled with stories.

Very Small Globes

World in Your Hand
World in Your Hand
These can be dotted around the room in places where there isn't enough space for larger ones. They can be traditionally-styled, modern, or even whimsical. The specific style chosen will determine the overall effect, so it's worth taking the time to consider the options when decorating with globes of this size.

This is made even more important by the fact that many of these world globes serve dual purposes. For example, there are gemstone-accented paperweights, bookends that split the planet down the middle, and even a style that sits in a sculpture of a hand. The concept of holding the world in one's hand is a popular one, so it's no wonder that this option features a globe sized to fit in your hand as easily as it fits with the sculpture. To see specific examples of globes of all styles and sizes and buy one of your own, just visit our online store. 

Feel free to contact us or visit our online store with any questions or to get more ideas for decorating with globes!

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