Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Top Five Floor-Standing World Globes: Aesthetic Value for Your Home or Office

Floor-standing globes basically combine the past, the present, and the future into one beautiful design. In the realm of the past, they recall prior centuries when world leaders (or other people of renown) had giant globes in their homes for interior design and reference. For the present, these globes prove themselves timeless for any room in a home, plus as a handy educational tool for both adults and kids. As a tool for the future, new modern features on many globes offer a look into the state of our planet and where we're heading.
We want you to enjoy these benefits of our floor-standing globes here at Ultimate Globes. Take a look at our top five floor-standing world globes to help you make a more educated decision on which one would best suit your office or home.
Landen Globe
This globe is a real favorite because it looks so traditional with its base and overall way it's designed. Standing at 44 inches, you don't have to hunch over in order to use it, plus it's within equal height of most adults. The globe itself is 16-inches in diameter so you have a large surface that enables you to easily see all locations.
With a base made of hardwood accompanying a solid metal base, you can expect quality in how sturdy this globe is. If you have kids around and you're afraid of a floor-standing globe tipping over, you have no worries here because it weighs 25 pounds. Your kids will also love using this globe because it's updated with all geographic additions from around the world.
Viking Expedition Globe
If you like the "full swing" effect on a globe where you can turn it all directions, you'll appreciate having the feature on this Viking Expedition Globe (plus on the Landen above). While our Viking Expedition globe has a shorter metal stand, it's a beautiful one in a charcoal color. It's a perfect globe to study carefully as you sit in a chair or ottoman in your home or office.
Even more so, you have over 4,000 current reference points on this globe, which makes it perfect for exploring if you're searching for international partners in your business. In this regard, you really could be like a viking in charting new horizons.
Lancaster Globe
Replogle is one of those companies that deftly creates globes with both traditional and modern features. Their Lancaster Globe is another floor-standing globe that has a perfect blend of old style mixed with modern decor. At 35-inches tall, you have one option on this floor-standing globe you can't always find on others: Illumination. While Replogle also offers one identical that's non-illuminated, the illumination is a major asset in helping you enjoy your globe in a dark room.
In addition, it has numerous educational and geographic markings so you can gain a 21st century understanding of the world we live in.

Commander GlobeWe've had a lot of great comments from our customers about this particular Replogle globe. One aspect they like is the simplicity in the traditional wooden stand as well as the globe having a unique, antique style. At the same time, customers like the raised relief and up-to-date markings.
This converts into a desktop globe as well, so it doubles as a conversation piece in your living room while also being an educational tool on your child's desk. As a result, you already save money not buying two globes for two separate rooms.
Edinburgh Globe
Once again, Replogle comes out on top as one of the best globe makers in the world. This floor-standing globe is another that literally stands tall and suits those who enjoy having a globe with blue oceans for realism. With a walnut-finished pedestal, you have superior craftsmanship for true style in any interior environment.
On this model, you also have brightly colored continents that stand out without any illumination necessary. Anyone of any age can learn something from this globe thanks to the meticulous informational detail.
Contact us here at Ultimate Globes to find out more about our floor-standing globes and how much they provide in interior design as well as understanding Earth in unique ways.

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