Thursday, July 2, 2015

Interactive Globes for Kids: The New Way to Learn New Perspectives About Our Planet

interactive globes for kids
Several generations ago, the idea of interactive globes for kids would have been close to sci-fi in the realm of geography education. Kids today may not always realize how fortunate they are to live in an era where technology advancements allow them to have new globes that help bring new perspectives about planet earth.

This isn't to say traditional globes still aren't popular. Nevertheless, with interactive features available on many globes now, education can now enhance for our future generation. As the world becomes more complex, it's all the more important that kids worldwide place the planet in a new frame of mind.

With our interactive globes here at Ultimate Globes, we provide this opportunity in educating your own kids. The same applies if you're a teacher who teaches geography or global issues in a public or private school.
What kind of interactive elements will you find in our interactive globes that help kids see our planet with a new view? Many of these globes provide more information than just identifying locations.

Why Interactive Stimulates Student Minds

Sometimes it's not enough for a teacher to explain the world without having more exciting visual aids to keep the interest of their students. When you consider the generation born in the last decade have grown up with the Internet integrated into their lives, the idea of more entertaining visual aids in education is all the more important.

These kids have also grown up in a more complicated world where they need to learn about the challenges they face in the future. With our interactive globes, this all gets addressed in smartly designed ways that holds every student's attention.

Much of this happens by providing information beyond just capital cities. Thanks to more sophisticated technology in every globe, students have one tool that allows learning at a competitive level with other digital devices.

The Beauty of the Interactive Pen

A couple of different interactive globes we carry have an Intellipen students can use to learn information through simple pointing. On the Intelliglobe Interactive Globe, for instance, students have a wireless pen using infrared scanner technology that provides facts when placed on the globe's surface.

You'll be amazed at the information the pen provides once students start using the device. It literally holds thousands of factoids in multiple languages for international classrooms.

Your students will get data about everything from history, to ecology, to even the current time in a particular city to show the real-time capabilities. Even better, it has comparison information so students understand geography differences and how long it takes to travel to another place.

Trivia games are also a big part of the globes with interactive pens. This helps the student retain information, unlike so many in the past who promptly forgot what they learned in geography class.

Why Illumination on an Interactive Globe Works Well

Another feature you'll find on many of our interactive globes is illumination that can easily double as a nightlight in a child's room. While the latter technology is a great way for a student to appreciate their globe even more, the illumination additionally works to point out various globe features. This includes highlighting specific animals endemic to certain parts of the world, plus illuminated lights on major cities to give the feel of looking down on earth from space.

Other Interactive Elements That Enhance Learning

Other globes are available that disassemble so kids can see the earth from a physiographic point of view. These are great for science classrooms, including an illuminated orbiter so kids can gain a better idea of the sun's relation to our planet.

If your students prefer a digital voice to help them learn, talking globes are available as well that recite facts in an engaging way. As a teacher, it also allows you to rest your voice and let kids explore on their own, which is so pivotal when learning about the world around them.

Contact us here at Ultimate Globes to learn more about interactive globes we carry and why interactivity is the key to making geography a fun subject after years of being considered otherwise.

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