Thursday, July 9, 2015

Buy a World Globe for Your Home or Office: Which Type of Globe Style Best Suits You?

If you've been thinking about buying a world globe, what do you automatically think of in the way of globe style? No doubt you grew up with a globe in your home as a teen, though perhaps want something different now that fits in with the interior of your home or office. You'll be happy to know many different styles are available now that go beyond standard globes you remember from school or the one you had on your bedroom desk.

This isn't to say traditional globes aren't valued today. You can still find them, yet with new variations that provides special appeal you'll definitely love. You can find those and numerous other globe types here at Ultimate Globes. Take a look at what's available today and how any one of these beautiful items add class to any room in your home or office suite.

Floor Globes

You've likely seen giant floor globes in large homes, plus in old photos of homes back to the Victorian Era. It's a style of globe that's never gone out of style, and we carry various types that become major conversation starters at any party. However, lest you think they're only good for interior decorating, these are excellent educational tools as well. Some of the features make that latter aspect more fun, especially when you have kids around. 

Our illuminated floor globes, for instance, truly stand out in any room and highlight specific features of our planet. These lighted areas can inspire some amazing conversations at any gathering either in your home or at work. You'll like this because any conversation about our planet is worth having, even if it's political.

No matter if you choose one of our non-illuminated globes, a floor globe still lights up a room based on its design using superior materials and quality wood bases. They come in 12-inch and 16-inch models so you can easily fit them into any type of room space. You'll even find extra-large floor globes that were once in many households back in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Tabletop or Desktop Globes

If you don't have the room for a floor globe, tabletop and desktop varieties are still widely available in our inventory. They come in the same type of styles the floor types do, including those with illumination. Your kids will love these on their own desks, and some are specially produced for children. Our Safari illuminated globe, for instance, is one that highlights animals from across the world.

Tabletop globes for adults are just as popular, with many of them produced from such top globe makers as Replogle and even National Geographic.

Globes with Special Features: Gemstones and Globe Bars

While we have considerable focus on globes for children to help them better understand our planet, we have a strong market for globes designed specifically for adults. There isn't any better description of this than in our collection of gemstone globes and globes equipped with a mini bar.

You're going to love having a gemstone globe because we have every type of gemstone available within 500 different styles. These are excellent and come in a bookend style, plus as diverse as a globe in a gemstone hand. The gemstones are also real, so you have extreme value as well as a major design piece that's designed for any type of use.

You can say the same for our globe bars that are popular and unique choices. These globes open up into a classy mini bar to serve drinks at any party in your home or office. They're a lot of fun if you want to serve a libation in your office during an international business meeting, or for large holiday parties in your home. 

Contact us here at Ultimate Globes if you're looking for a world globe and need one with true style. We have something for every taste, yet always bringing quality and the best in education.

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