Monday, October 28, 2013

Unique Home Decorations – Buying a Bar Globe

Unique Home Decorations – Buying a Bar Globe

Many of us would love to have a home that looks classy and elegant, while also having a modern touch. Most would consider getting chandeliers or big centerpieces for their tables, but for something classic yet fresh, try getting a bar globe to spice things up.

Bar globes are probably not the most thought of decorating pieces, but once you find the perfect one, you’ll be glad you got it. Below are a few tips to help you choose the best bar globe for decoration.

Size matters when choosing a bar globe. You don’t want to get something that’s too small or too big. You also have to consider what you’ll be placing inside the globe. Are you going to place actual long necked bottles inside or transfer the liquor or drinks into something smaller? Will you also need extra space for glasses or an area for the ice bucket? Don’t limit yourself to the regular table top bar globes and look for floor bar globes. These are much bigger so you can store a lot of things inside them. Also, it’s best to measure the globe before you buy it to make sure it’s not too big for the area. You don’t want to have something that could get in the way because it’s too big.

Pick something that matches the color scheme of the whole room. Something too colorful and modern isn’t going to blend too well with a room that’s meant to look like it’s from the Victorian era.

Rimini Bar Globe
However, don’t be afraid of color. Check out a few colorful options like the Rimini Bar Globe. This is decorated with 16th century maps and its colored white. Not only is the outside of the globe designs, the inside also has colorful details to make it look extra special. You can just leave it open so you appreciate the little details on the globe.

Extra Room
Some bar globes actually give you extra space to keep your bottles. Most of the time, the base of the bar globe has a divider installed to it so you can neatly organize your bottles under the sphere. Other bar globes also have a small table attached to the actual base itself, which makes it great for entertaining. Extra space just helps you make your bar a bit more organize and you can maximize the use of your bar globe.

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