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Whether you are looking to purchase a world globe for the holidays as a gift, a decor piece for the home or office, or most importantly to enhance geographic understanding, it is important to consider several things about the store you will be buying from.

Here are a few considerations:

1. Does the store carry inventory in its own warehouses so it can control the speed of your processing or shipment, or do they simply blind drop ship, hoping that their supplier has inventory when they need it, leaving you hanging for weeks while you await your order.  This doesn't seem like a big deal, however it is estimated that over 42% of shipments that drop ship from a third party niche website do not arrive within the expected delivery period.

2. Does the store provide knowledgeable assistance on the product you are interested in buying, or do they sell 1,000s of products hoping you have what you need to make a decision?

3. Does the store use gimmicks like the one shown to lure you in, to only find out that the special offers and discounts cant be used because the manufacturers do not allow it, and they have inflated their retail to give you the sense that your getting a deal when you really aren't?

About Ultimate Globes:

Ultimate Globes is the largest distributor of World Globes in the United States and quickly growing around the world.  We operate our own warehouses and stock over 95% of the items we sell with an automated order processing system.  This gives us the flexibility to process orders quickly and more efficiently, getting them out the door faster than any competitor.

We pride ourselves on our expertise.  Our employees have all gone through extensive training on the product we sell and visit manufacturing sites each year, so they have the best information to help you make your decision on the spot.

At Ultimate Globes we do not use gimmicks, we give the best price everyday on all the items we sell and we back it with a 110% price match guarantee!

Ultimate Globes a Google Trusted Store!

As a Google Trusted Store  our online store is monitored by Google everyday to ensure that we continue to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and reliable shipping.  In fact we ship 95%+ of our orders within 1 business day!

There are additional Benefits - FREE Purchase Protection!

When you opt in for free purchase protection after your order is complete, you can feel confident in knowing that if an issue arises both Ultimate Globes and Google are here to assist.

After you make a purchase from Ultimate Globes, most users have the option of opting in to purchase protection. There is no fee or charge to opt in for free purchase protection from Ultimate Globes. At this time, purchase protection is offered per-order and only at the time of purchase.

Only if you opt in, you will receive an email from Google Trusted Stores confirming your purchase protection. Purchase protection covers the entire purchase amount, including tax and shipping.

We Appreciate Your Business!

All of us are willing to go the extra mile to make sure your world globe meets your needs, from preorder discussion to any warranty issues that may arise down the road.  Shop with confidence knowing that you are shopping with a company that can deliver on its mission!

Checkout all of our globes at!

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