Monday, October 14, 2013

Special Gifts – Rotating and Levitating Globes

Although most globes come with a sphere in the middle of a meridian and a solid base, globe makers have given many modern globes a technological makeover. Today, you can get unique globes that spin and float in mid-air.

Mova Revolving Globe
Thanks to the powers of magnets and light, gravity or levitation and self-revolving globes are now available on the market, making for great gifts for your friends and loved ones. These globes are fun and relaxing to look at. They’re great gifts if you want something different and special.

Here are a few reasons to get levitating globes as gifts.

Mova Self-spinning Globes Look Magical

Imagine having one of these little globes on your table. They don’t have any cords for electricity to make them turn, nor do they operate on batteries.

You might even say it looks magical. These strange but amusing self-spinning globes, such as the Mova Globe Revolving models, are constructed in a clever manner. The actual globe is placed inside a clear container and is filled with liquid. This keeps the globe suspended, and it uses the earth’s own gravitational pull and solar energy to spin. Think of it as how a compass would work. You can pick up the globe and it would continue to spin in your hands, as long as there’s a light source available. It’s your own little world in the palm of your hands.

Levitating Globes Come in Bigger Sizes 

If you want to give out a globe to someone who’s at school, then it’s best to choose one that’s a big bigger than a desk globe. Bigger globes make it easier for them to spot the different land masses and areas that they’re looking for and levitating globes can be taken off from their stands very easily. They can just take it off the base and examine the globe thoroughly. Afterwards they can just place it back on the magnetic base and it can stay suspended there till they need it again.

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