Monday, September 30, 2013

Why Invest in a World Globe?

Commaner II Globe

Why Invest in a World Globe?
There are plenty of reasons to take a world globe home with you right now. For starters, you could get one to serve as a traditional reference tool for learning purposes, or you could simply get one because of its classic looks.
Whatever reasons you may have in your mind, there’s no denying that a world globe makes for a fine addition to any home, bringing out the best in its d├ęcor.
Interior Design
If your goal is to complement your home’s interior with a world globe, then the variety of choices you have might surprise you. Your selections can range from the kind of materials used, globe styles, features, sizes, to colors, base and mount types and more. A good rule of thumb is to buy a globe that will complement the existing space you’re going to place it in.
For instance, if you have a rustic looking room, or perhaps a library adorned with rich hardwood, a raised relief globe in cream-colored tones and made with a wood stand and mount, such as the one pictured to the right, will not look out of place in both these areas. The fact a raised relief globe actually allows you to feel differences between oceans and mountains on its surface only add to the aesthetic appeal of the room.
Besides raised relief globes, there are other options to consider that add just as much elegance to a room, if not more. Take gemstone globes for example. These globes, as their name suggests, are handcrafted and made from semi-precious gemstones—the same stones you see in many jewelry pieces. Each stone is placed carefully on the globe, which still shows an impressive amount of detail and accuracy despite being a decorative piece.
If you want a globe strictly for educational purposes, plenty of political globes out there bear elegant looks sure to make people do a double take on them.
Don’t Limit yourself to World Globes
You don’t even have to limit yourself to a world globe. Go out of this world with a moon globe, or see the positions of the stars and constellations in relation to our planet with a celestial globe. These globes are less common, and are sure to spark conversation with people who observe them.
When buying a world globe, it’s best to think of them as pieces that will last a lifetime, and maybe even more. World globes make for great heirlooms, and their value can increase as you hand them down from one generation to the next.

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