Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ultimate Globes Exclusive Globe from Replogle

About Exclusive Globes

The manufacture of exclusive globes is a rare undertaking for a world-famous globe manufacturer. Of course, in ancient times, the manufacture of world globes was exclusive to kings, statesmen, gentlemen and scholars. World globes made for kings were kingly in size, like that made by Vincenzo Coronelli for Louis XIV in the 17th century – which took three years to build.

In our age, with mass production techniques, exquisitely created world globes are now affordable by more people. But these are no less exclusive. Special-edition globes from famous globe-makers like Replogle are created for special clientele, like the National Geographic Society.

Now, Replogle, the best known name among globe makers, has exclusively created the Landen Floor Globe to be made available only through Ultimate Globes.

The Landen Globe is a high-quality, stylish floor globe with a standard width of 16 inches. At 44 inches (over 3-and-a-half feet) tall, the Landen is a masterpiece of modern design. Its solid metal base and walnut finished hardwood pedestal echoes the architectural spirit of modern cities. The Landen Globe's sphere is clasped by a contrasting sleek-styled full-swing meridian to set off the classic looks of the antique style globe with its over 4,100 place names. Its weight of 25 pounds (11.33 kilos) is centered on its wide black metal base, assuring stability and preventing accidental tipping over. The base, along with the meridian, is finished with flecks of bronze – a stylish touch that's a hallmark of high-quality metal craftsmanship.

When you're looking for a floor globe that exudes a solid, simple, yet luxurious aura, look no further. The Landen Globe is for you. Whether in an office or in a private den, the Landen Globe speaks volumes about quality, accuracy and good taste – qualities that would make any globe owner proud. Call Ultimate Globes at 877-745-6237 or visit them at UltimateGlobes.com

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