Thursday, July 11, 2013

Interior Designing With Globes

Come to think of it, ever since the advent of Internet-based maps and virtual globes, all 'real' globes (where maps are printed on an actual spherical surface) have been relegated to 'vintage' status – even new ones. Here are some designers' ideas for using 'vintage' globes to advantage in room design.


First off, interior designer Brittany Stiles says globes are perfect for tabletops because:
  1. There are globe styles to fit any setting – old or new, serious or stark, chrome-themed or wood panelling, high brow or low brow.
  2. Globes themselves have multiple personalities – "casual and formal, serious and playful, colorful yet neutral"
A globe is a really "colorful" character – adding its charm to the room it is in. World globes make any room interesting. Don't believe me? Here's is a bare room:
And here it is with a floor globe added in:

Empty/Large Spaces

You've just seen how a large floor globe can help enliven an empty room. There's no walking around a really large globe in a room – visitors won't be able to ignore it.
A large globe also works for large, busy spaces say in a mall, or an outdoor path, and watch how people stop, stare and touch the globe. (I know this picture is not really about 'interior' design but the principles apply.)

Colored/Neutral room

Go for Yin-Yang. If a room is neutral-themed, add a colored world globe for contrast. If a room is colorful, why not add a silver-and-black globe?

Consider globe styles

Remember, globes come in many styles. Some globes come in pairs (celestial and terrestrial). Some globes are even cut into two, each half working as bookends.
Whatever your interior designing needs, you can be sure there is a world globe style that can fit the bill.

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