Monday, July 8, 2013


You heard it right: 'earglobes,' not 'earlobes.'
Some would say there's no such thing as earglobes, like when blogger, Apok, says:
"kid blurts out stuff that’s not quite right. Like Earglobe. Like, what? How would that even work?"
Simply put, earglobes are globular earrings.
The concept of earglobes existed long before world globes were invented. Consider this fragment of a prayer to Asithaanga Bhairava, the dark-bodied Bhairava of Varanasi (Benares):
Who shines in his ear globes, who holds mace and the skull, / Who is young and nude, who holds arrow, vessel, conch, bead chain and ear globes
Here's what those ancient ear globes look like on a Bhairava:

Bhairava by ian boyd, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License  by  ian boyd 
On close-up, they look more like fiery snake-encircled pendants:

– which looks somewhat like this barette from

World earglobes

For our purposes, we'll stick to earglobes that look like world globes, not snakes.

Such is the fascination of people for world globes that there are hundreds of globe jewelry designs. For earglobes alone, here are some fine examples around the web:

We're not offering earglobes yet (at least, until we've set up our jewelry department). But we do offer great discounts on our popular globes. And that should be music to anyone's ears.

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