Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Guide on Buying World Globes – Part II

By Trey Thomas

Buying a Globe Isn't as Easy as Going to the Supermarket
One of the biggest challenges to buying a globe is choosing one from the vast selections on the market. With the advances in technologies and globe making techniques, never has there been more variety in globes. Today, we enjoy an incredible range of globe colors, themes, styles, and materials, all of which can easily overwhelm an interested buyer.

And if that’s not enough, you have to think of a globe’s features too, such as sizes, stands, and quirks like illumination and more.

This guide should help you make sense of all that. In Part I of this guide, we talked about how you want to use your globe and features. We proceed to theme and size.

Desired Theme or Style

A Blue Ocean Globe, an Example of a Modern Globe
There’s a wide range of globe themes out there, ranging from historical (e.g. old world style globes), modern, children’s, novelty, and more. The most common type of globe out there would have to be the blue ocean globe (a modern globe), which is characterized by how it depicts the ocean if a sky blue color. Countries on these types of globes are featured in different, bright colors, the better to highlight country and state boundaries. Another feature of these globes is that names of countries, states, capitals, and major cities are easy to identify.

On the other hand, you can go “old school” with an old world style globe, which focuses on an historical theme. These globes, though old looking, are merely reproductions of authentic old world globes, most of which are found in museums. Old world style globes have a distinctive brown paper finish, and contain information about known countries in the Old World, as well as historical ocean crossings, voyages, and discoveries.

Make Considerations for Size

Your choice of globe should also depend on what kind of space you have available for it. Do you want a globe on your desk? Then perhaps a desk or table globe will work for you. If you want something to fill up a bare corner in your room, you’re better off with a large floor globe, which can be a focal point in a room.
Just remember that the larger the globe, the more expensive it will usually be.

So there you have it. We hope you enjoyed this 2-part guide on buying a world globe. Once you’ve taken down your notes, go ahead and shop away on our site. 

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