Saturday, June 29, 2013

What’s All the Fuss Over Gemstone Globes?

by Trey Thomas
With all their beauty and splendor, gemstone globes transcend the usefulness of ordinary globes and become a beautiful piece of art in the home or workplace. If a sculpture or painting can add personality and sophistication to a space, a piece as beautiful as a gemstone globe, with its semi-precious gems sourced from some of the world’s richest mines, can likewise have the same effect.

A Short History

For hundreds of years, gemstone globes have been a prized possession in the homes of the wealthy and elite. If the craftsmanship of modern gemstone globes is impressive today, one can only imagine the level of precision involved in making the gemstone globes of old, which were hand crafted, with each piece laboriously and loving cut with precision from premium stones. Old gemstone globes were so painstaking to make that artisans could spend days working on just one piece of stone for it to have the right look.

But if you thought gemstone globes were all about looks, think again. As surprising as it may seem, high quality gemstone globes were also prized for their geographic accuracy. Craftsmen had to make sure that each country appeared in their exact shape, with borders highlighted in a rich gold color.

Gemstone Globes Today

While the world has undergone tremendous changes over the centuries, the process of making gemstone globes has largely remained intact. Skilled craftsmen still work painstakingly over each globe, seeing to it that each gem fits snugly against each other, and that globes are accurate representations of the planet. It’s interesting to note that large gemstone globes are perhaps the easiest to make, and the smaller a globe gets, the harder it is to balance detail and a perfect fit—some gemstone globes can be as small as a sphere 7 inches in diameter.

Besides learning about the continents, countries, and oceans, an integral part of owning a gemstone globe is learning about your gemstones. The larger a globe is, the more gemstones it will have. Although the type of gems will vary from globe to globe, you can at least expect to see the most common ones, such as mother of pearl, blue lapis for the oceans, and black and yellow jasper.

Regardless of size, however, a beautiful gemstone globe can make for a prized heirloom that increase in value as it’s passed down from generation to generation.

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