Monday, June 3, 2013

Globes for Going Away Parties

If you've been to "going away" parties, you know that they are usually bittersweet events — both for those going away, and those who have to stay. There's bound to be a lot of tear-filled well-wishing and reminiscing in going away parties. You, always the practical one, usually brought the tissues.

Make Going Away Unforgettable

Going away parties can be made more memorable for those going away by sprucing up the party with nice touches. For example, have the party themed, say, to the party honoree's favorite fantasy or collecting hobby.
For those going really far away, you may want to include maps or globes as decors for the party. Americans are stereotyped for their shaky geography so why not give everybody a good laugh (and a [party] favor) by pinning the honoree's destination on a globe? Globes can give your going away party an old world feel and also give the guests a good idea of their dear friend's destination.
LaReeca Rucker, of Jackson Mississippi, successfully incorporated old-world globes, a classic typewriter, and a roaring twenties feel into her journalist friend's going away party by giving it a Great Gatsby theme.
"Lost", "Around The World in 80 Days", "Amelia Earhart," "From Russia With Love," "Seven Years in Tibet" are just a few of the other going away party themes that could use a globe.
To complement the globe, you can also light up the travel destination on a map using Light Travels Illuminated Maps.

A Magical Globe to Remember You By

If you get a MOVA globe, you'll have yourself an instant conversation starter. As long as there is light (natural or artificial), MOVA globes appear to spin on their own, and keep right-side-up, even if you are holding them.

At the end of the day, there will always be the "part" portion of the going away "party" — friends will be parting ways, sometimes for good. This is where MOVA globes come in handy. Since they are usually 4.5 inches across, MOVA globes can easily be given as keepsakes for the one going away to remember you by.
As an added twist, the parting gift could be a MOVA globe of the constellations — or of the moon — to remind the going away party honoree that you're living under the same sky (and moon).
Going away parties don't need to be sad affairs. It's the friendships made that matter. To celebrate that, what you need is a globe memento that completes the circle of friendship.

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