Friday, June 21, 2013

Globes and Dreams

by Trey Thomas

globe and worry beads dream
Photocomposite: Day 52: Last Day of Freedom by Anomalily and Global Puzzle by Natman (both on Flickr)

Pretty much rhymes with 'hopes and dreams.' But the history of globes is the history of hopes and dreams. Once Renaissance people lost their fears of "going over the edge" of a flat earth, they replaced these with hopes of finding (and getting their hands on) new lands, new people, lots of treasure, and adventure.

Oh, there were still fears left – antique globes have sea monsters in them:
[These matching celestial and terrestrial globe bookends are modeled after 16th-century prototypes. We have more charming Old World style globes at our Old World Globes page.]

Dream On

Along with hopes and fears come dreams and ambitions. If you dream about globes, here are some of their interpretations:
  • "To see a globe in your dream suggests that you need to step back and look at the wider perspective. It also indicates that you are in complete control of your life. "To see a spinning globe in your dream signifies that your life is going out of control." ~Dream Moods
  • "A stationary globe symbolizes that the dreamer has control of his life. A spinning globe shows that the dreamer's life is going out of control. In rare cases a globe can symbolize power ('he's got the whole world in his hands')" Dream Symbolism page
  • "A globe can symbolize a problem."
The Curious Dreamer says a world/world globe can represent the environment, people in general or peoply you reqularly interact with.

Note the emphasis on problems, control, unknown places, unknown people. Globes then, are very much focal points for mastering one's fears, aids to facing problems – objects of (perhaps unconscious) meditation; a single link in the worry beads of worlds. It's always comforting, when faced with problems, to know that you have the world in your hands.

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