Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Intelliglobe - Hottest Gift for Kids

The Intelliglobe by Replogle has been the hottest selling interactive talking globe for the 2010 selling season, why? Simply put, features! Using a wireless pen reader the user is no longer tethered to the confines of the globe. Now you will be able to use the pen for not only the globe, but the included reference book and future product releases.

The pen uses a usb cord to connect to your computer to do

wnload the lastest updates and additional languages which are currently English, French, German and Spanish. For full details on whats included and how to use the intelliglobe and pen you can click here for the brochure or go to our webstite for further details.

In addition to the various locate games there is a tremendous amount of information about 1,000s of places and ponts of interes.

If you are looking for the perfect educational gift for the child that is 5 years of age or older, this would be the one.

Visit us at UltimateGlobes.com today and save over $20 on the Intelliglobe or call us at 877-745-6237 ext 101 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mova Globes - The Power of Light

Mova rotating globes are simply some of the most technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing globes on the market today. Bringing together superior technology and simple yet stunning design for world globes that are completely unique and one of a kind.

All Mova globes use the power of ambient light in conjunction with a layer of safe fluid in between two of the globe's layers to give the sphere a natural rotation that simulates the very rotation of our Earth, and require absolutely no power source to operate (no batteries or power cords)!

Mova Globes are smaller than traditional desktop globes, making them an ideal fit for small spaces such as a tight workstation, a bookshelf or a small table.
They're available in a variety of different colors and stand styles that will complement almost any home or office d├ęcor, whether the surroundings have an antique, rustic feel to them or a sleek, contemporary and stylish appearance. There's nothing more fascinating and intriguing than the way Mova Globes' spheres rotate! They make an excellent conversation piece and despite their smaller size, they'll become the center of attention no matter where you put them.

You'll love the way Mova Globes' helps you to learn more about the world we live in with the most accurate and up to date cartography available, paired with expertly designed aesthetic qualities that fit in any home or office setting.

Check out the full selection of Mova Globes today!

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