Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The World of Globes

Being a fan of world globes, I thought that this would be a great opportunity for folks who share the same passion for both new and old world styles of globes to find a spot to share their interests as it relates to globes and geography. It is interesting to note that many world globe manufacturers including Replogle Globes based in Chicago, IL as well as Columbus Globes in Germany have been creating globes for close to if not over 100 years. Some of their original creations can still be found on some of the auction sites.

With most manufacturers catering toward mass production, it is becoming more difficult to find modern day examples of classic old world style. However, there are some new products that have recently made a presence on the market that are bringing technology into play with the creation of floating & levitating globes as well as the new Mova Rotating globe collection.

Let us know if you are a globe collector and feel free to post your pics of some of your prized possessions!

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