Monday, January 21, 2019

How much is my old globe worth? Top 5 Things to Consider

We receive inquiries just about every day as to the value of an older globe by customers who have discovered one in their attic, at a garage sale, are collectors and/or antique dealers. While we focus for the most part on the sale of current globes, here are a few things to consider about the value of an older globe:
    Old World Globes
  1. How old is your globe? Is it less than 50 years old or is it turn of the century or before? Checkout our "Determining the Age of your Globe" article for assistance in dating your globe based on place names, and if it is more than 50 years old visit our friends at Murray Hudson for globes that date back to the turn of the century and before.
  2. What is the condition of your globe? If your globe is less than 50 years old and the map is severely torn, ripped or weathered, chances are it will not fetch a whole lot. That is unless the globe contains a unique feature or two that are no longer in production. 
  3. How is it mounted and what is the condition of the stand? If the stand is in tact and in good condition that is a plus. Having a stand that is unique and/or no longer in production may increase the value.
  4. How was it acquired and who owned it? Is there a story behind the acquisition of the globe, who owned it, the purpose for which it served. Was it a globe made for a dignitary or head of state? While these details are not critical in determining the value of a globe, the story and ownership of a globe can make it more attractive to antique dealers and collectors. 
Old globes do contain historical value based on the date of creation, such as:
  • Political boarders & boundaries
  • How landmasses are displayed
  • Names and places of locations, i.e., Country, Capital, City, etc.
Many collectors look for specific features on a globe, such as a major named place change or the layout of the landmasses. The landmass display can be unique on very old globes as this was the understanding of how the earth was at that time.

If you are looking for a turn of the century globe, well, they are not cheap as you can imagine. Some companies do produce globes today with period maps from the 15th, 16th & 17th Century. Many of these can be found on our "Old World Globes" page. However if you are searching for an actual globe from a specific period checkout our friends at Murray Hudson.

Monday, January 14, 2019

What is Raised Relief on a Globe? Do I need it? Ultimate Globes Explains

Tactile Raised Relief Globe
Tactile Raised Relief Globe
Once in a while a customer will report their globe has defects because it has bumps on the printed surface. This is actually not a defect but known as "Raised Relief". Raised Relief are small rises (like bumps) on the globes surface in specific areas, generally large mountains or mountain ranges, although not every mountain or mountain range will be shown to have this feature.

Today more globes are being produced without Raised Relief as the areas that typically have mountain ranges are now noted with various cartographic patterns. There are two companies Waypoint Geographic and Replogle who continue to make globes with Raised Relief. Since the feature is not pronounced it may be difficult to see when viewing an image on your screen, so browse the product description to see if it is noted, or contact one of our globe experts and they can assist.

We suggest that each customer look for a globe that meets their specific decorative or educational needs as it is generally more important for the globe style to fit the room or the intended educational purpose then it would be to have a small feature that doesn't contribute to the main purpose.

If Raised Relief is a feature you must have, checkout our selection of Raised Relief globes by Clicking Here.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Top 10 Globes for Kids

 Top 10 Best Globes for Kids
If you are searching for the right globe for a child you have come to the right spot. Ultimate Globes has the largest selection of quality children globes, and we have narrowed down over 1,000 globe styles and sizes that we carry to come up with the best of the best with our featured Top 10 List, making your shopping much easier.

We would like to thank the 1,000's of customers who have purchased and provided they're feedback to help us provide you with our top selection. Quality reviews from awesome customers are what make the process easier!

Visit the Ultimate Globes World Globe site today to see which globes made the cut and which ones didn't.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Why Globes Make The Perfect Gift For Children

Intelliglobe II Talking Globe
Intelliglobe II
One of the best gifts for children is the interactive globe. They are miniature replicas of the earth showing the different continents, countries, seas and other geographical features. Globes present a two-dimension visual representation of the earth.

On holidays children can spend hours learning about their world. With the use of globes for kids, it is easier to understand the structure of the earth regarding the theoretical descriptions they have already been given in the classroom.

Kid’s globes are perfect for reference purposes. For example, it is easier to describe how much of the earth is covered with water with the use of children’s globes. Just like maps, the globes are educative but more interactive, especially for the young learners.

Globes are fun to study; fortunately, there are many types of children’s globes that have been enhanced with special features to make the educational experience even more interesting.

Here are some reasons you should consider buying a kid's globes as a gift;

They inspire a lifetime of exploration and fun

Globes reveal the existence of different worlds to children at a young age. They realise there are many other places where people live outside their communities. This can stimulate an inner interest in visiting and exploring the world and the cultures in other places when they grow older.

Pioneer Globe
Pioneer Globe
A fun way to introduce geography

The use of globes helps children understand the basic concept of geography as a subject taught in their school. They can get a better perspective of how some parts of the world are cold (the Antarctic region), and other areas have more hills or deserts.

Visual accuracy

Globes for children are made with raised reliefs to help them understand the actual nature of their world. Children can view points of interests, country boundaries, and the oceans.

Kid’s globes are perfect for children of all ages

It is a great idea to introduce children to the earth and its amazing features at a young age. Studying the globe will surely inspire many questions but no worries; you will have the answers which are right there on the globe.
Scout Globe
Scout Globe

These benefits and so much more can be enjoyed by children because of the super features used in the creation of globes for children. For example, on our website, you can find globes for kids such as the Pioneer Globe measures 12 inches in diameter. It is made from blue craft board and has a full swing meridian. The globe shows land features such as the United States land boundaries and over four thousand named places.

We also have the intelliglobe II deluxe which has amazing features such as a wireless intellipen(with batteries), trivia and multiple choice challenge questions, games, and fascinating compare, touch and explore features. The Scout kids globe is awesome. Its educational features include political maps, country boundaries, blue oceans, and updated points of interest. The scout kids globe also features a full swing meridian.

You kids will surely be fascinated with any of these globes. Head over to our website to view our collection of children’s globes which are an accurate replica of the earth.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Explore the Geo Safari Globe featuring Bindi Irwin!

Geo Safari Interactive Globe featuring Bindi Irwin

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe II Featuring Bindi Irwin 

Discover the fascinating world of geography, animals, oceans and all kinds of plants. There are over 1000 fascinating facts about various continents, countries, oceans and landmarks. Your guide for this awesome adventure is world renowned Wildlife Warrior Bindi Irwin and your map is the Geo Safari Jr. Talking Globe II narration provided by Irwin.

Bindi Sue Irwin is the only daughter of the late Steve and Terri Irwin who are wildlife conservationists and the owners of the Australia Zoo. Bindi has been a wildlife enthusiast and conservationist for many years. She is a well known television personality in Australia and the United States. Listen as her voice provides narration for a variety of fun activities.

Bindi Sue Irwin
Bindi Sue Irwin

As seen below Bindi is passionate about nature and opportunities to share her knowledge and experience. Take an awesome adventure with Bindi and click on different regions of the world to learn about animals and far away places. A smart stylus allows you to touch different spots on the globe and discover new facts and places. There are three different modes of interaction to enhance the experience. 

Explore It, Find It, and Measure It. The unique dual-swivel design makes for easy navigation and a built in speaker makes for easy listening. Enjoy having the world at your fingertips. Reinforce social studies lessons acquired in the classroom and find practical life applications for information found in the news. Reports of local or global happenings are so much more interesting when you find the places of the map.
Using the Pen to Explore the Globe

Plan a road trip to another state and have your little adventurer calculate the distance and learn about travel times, gas etc and travel preparations.

Geography and social studies are an integral part of understanding the world. There is so much information to learn and so many fascinating places to explore. A beautiful, detailed globe like the Geo Safari Talking Globe II featuring Bindi Irwin  can be a catalyst for adventures. Traveling to far away place may not be a reality right now, but exposure to the wide world can begin at home.

Visit and check out more of our children's globes, with over 50 options to chose from you are sure to find a globe that is just right for your little adventurer.

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